Proposal to expire Workplace Mathematics unit standards 64, 5223, 5236 and 26567

Closed 05 Jul 2019

NZQA National Qualification Services (NQS) reviewed and proposed expiry of the following Workplace Mathematics Unit Standards, listed on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS):

Unit Standard Title Domain Level Credits
64 Perform calculations for a specified workplace Work and Study Skills 1 2
5223 Use formulae and equations to solve problems in the workplace Algebra 1 1
5236 Use Pythagoras' theorem and trigonometry to solve problems related to right-angled triangles in the workplace Trigonometry 1 1
26567 Estimate the solutions to number problems and make estimates of measurements in the workplace Number 1 1

As a result of the review, the panel recommended that the standards be expired, with a proposed last date for assessment for the current version of the standards to be 31 December 2021.

More information may be found on the review page for Review of Workplace Mathematics unit standards.


NQS invited feedback on the recommendation to expire the standards or any other aspects of the standards. Feedback could be sent to by 5 July 2019.

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