Micro-credentials in New Zealand's education and training system: a consultation paper

Characteristics, challenges and opportunities

Micro-credentials create opportunities for innovative education enabling the system to be more flexible and responsive; they can be brought quickly to market to meet new and emerging skill needs. One characteristic is they are developed and delivered in collaboration with employers and communities. There is a strong focus on employment, including, where appropriate, obtaining the micro-credential while in work.

Over time an individual with a range of relevant micro-credentials may be able to apply to recognise the credit obtained towards the requirements of one or more qualifications.

However, micro-credentials are not built by breaking down an approved programme into a series of parts so that each part can be delivered separately. They are different from a programme leading to a qualification being constructed in such a way that a learner can hop-on and hop-off. In this situation, the learner might complete a part of a programme and at a later time return to study to complete the remainder of the qualification.

A key challenge is the possibility of a proliferation of micro-credentials along with duplication of learning already delivered.  

One option is not to approve a micro-credential similar to one already approved. This implies there could be ‘New Zealand micro-credentials’ with a professional body, for example, specifying the skills standards to be met nationally and different providers delivering the micro-credential.


How suitable are the characteristics of micro-credentials for the New Zealand education and training system? Please explain the reasons for your view.

What additions and changes, if any, would you suggest to the characteristics of a micro-credential? Please explain the reasons for your suggestions.

Do you agree that the recommended minimum credit limit of 10 credits is appropriate for micro-credentials? Please explain the reasons for your view.

What measures can you suggest to manage the possible proliferation and duplication of quality assured micro-credentials? Please explain the reasons for your suggestions.

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