Micro-credentials in New Zealand's education and training system: a consultation paper

What is the reason for proposing micro-credentials are recognised?

The New Zealand education and training system needs to respond flexibly and innovatively to fast paced social, economic and technological changes. These changes are requiring people to gain skills and knowledge throughout their working lives to keep step in their occupations.

NZQA is identifying and responding to these changes to maintain the currency and relevance of the regulated education and training system. Employers and communities indicate they want to be more closely involved in tailoring the design and delivery of education and training to meet the current and emerging skill needs of their workforce. They currently use short courses, micro-credentials and other education products for this purpose.

Short courses and other tailored education products are not new. There are already a wide range provided, by New Zealand recognised tertiary education organisations, as well as other organisations.

Many of these have well established, global reputations as providers of quality certifications, for example Microsoft and other software certifications. Other examples are those required by registration and licensing bodies for continuing professional education.

Micro-credentials provide an opportunity for these short courses and other products to be recognised, with the complexity and duration of study levelled against the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF).

Examples of where micro-credentials will be useful include bringing emergent skills related to new technology to market quickly, re-credentialing current knowledge and skills where this is a requirement, and providing a mechanism for people with no qualifications to have their existing learning credentialed, and hence provide a pathway to new roles and jobs.


Do you think that recognising micro-credentials within New Zealand’s regulated education and training system would be useful? Please explain the reasons for your view.

Is "micro-credentials" the most appropriate term to be used in New Zealand? Are there other terms we should consider?

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