Consultation on referencing the New Zealand Qualifications Framework and the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework

Closed 28 Jul 2017

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) is seeking feedback on its work to reference the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) and the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF). NZQA will consult publicly on the outcomes of this work from 16 June 2017 to 28 July 2017.

New Zealand and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong) agreed to compare the NZQF and the HKQF in June 2014.  The comparison has been undertaken as a joint project by NZQA and the Education Bureau, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (EDB) as part of an Education Cooperation Arrangement under the New Zealand – Hong Kong, China Closer Economic Partnership.

The NZQF and HKQF have been compared using a process called referencing. Referencing matches the levels of one qualifications framework to the levels of another qualifications framework, to create relationships between the frameworks. This report can serve as a source of information to support transparent and consistent recognition decisions informed by the learning outcomes delivered by the frameworks.

The outcome of the referencing process is a joint referencing report. The report sets out the comparability of the levels of the national qualification frameworks of Hong Kong and New Zealand.  It also sets out the material exchanged between NZQA and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Education Bureau in order to complete the comparison of the frameworks.

You can read the full draft referencing report (PDF, 1.5MB).

The principle summaries (findings) for the report are set out here.

Although the outcomes of the referencing process do not entitle any holder of a Hong Kong or New Zealand qualification to claim automatic recognition, it will support qualifications recognition decisions for purposes such as immigration, admission to further study, and employment. The report will help:

  • NZQA to make decisions on individual qualifications recognition
  • educational institutions to make enrolment decisions
  • employers to make employment decisions
  • New Zealanders travelling overseas to have their qualifications recognised
  • international students studying here then returning overseas to have their qualifications recognised
  • educational institutions to have their qualifications more easily recognised overseas.

Feedback to NZQA

The consultation gives you the opportunity to state whether you agree with, and comment on, the:

  • Principle summary statement for each of the principles
  • proposed referencing of each of the levels.

Please provide feedback by answering a few consultation questions.

The closing date for feedback is 28 July 2017.

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