Reviewed tertiary evaluation indicators (TEIs)

Closed 31 Jul 2017

The tertiary evaluation indicators (TEIs) have been reviewed. This review involved significant sector input and followed eight years of using the TEIs and learning through experience, as well as new research and information that has become available.

The reviewed TEIs continue to reflect the principles of the Evaluative Quality Assurance Framework and form part of NZQA’s quality assurance processes.

What has changed?

  • Clarified purpose and intent of the key evaluation questions (KEQs).
  • Each KEQ linked to the most relevant indicators.
  • Examples, and improved explanation for each TEI.
  • Advice on how to use the indicators.
  • New TEIs in the areas of data analytics, TEO compliance, and academic integrity.
  • Significant improvements to TEIs related to achievement and outcomes, assessment, student engagement and TEO self-assessment (i.e. strengthening the role of ‘student voice’ in influencing their own education and educational delivery at their organisation).
  • A more consistent approach to issues relating to Māori education and Mātauranga Māori, and to the achievement of priority groups (including students under 25, Māori, Pasifika and foundational literacy and numeracy).

See the reviewed indicator table (PDF, 109KB) for more information.

For the proposed content of the TEIs see Consultation on the reviewed tertiary evaluation indicators (PDF, 874KB).

What are the TEIs for?

The TEIs inform the answers to the KEQs in external evaluation and review (EER). They do this by providing detailed information about all the factors likely to be relevant when considering the performance of an education organisation.

EER evaluators use the TEIs as prompts for the possible sources of evidence to be considered when answering the KEQs.

Education organisations will find the TEIs a helpful tool for in their ongoing self-assessment activities.

What happens next?

NZQA has commissioned a web-based tool to enable more frequent and effective use of TEIs by the sector.

This tool will be the main way that people can access the TEIs and additional guidance about the TEIs. It will be interactive, easy to navigate and available on the move.

This tool is being developed and will be tested with the sector working group.

How do I give feedback?

NZQA invited any feedback on the revised TEIs and the proposed content of the web-based tool above. NZQA wants the TEIs and the tool to be clear, simple and easily accessible to the sector.

There was a survey that was open until 5 pm Monday 31 July 2017.

Consultation questions

  1. Are the key evaluation question descriptions useful?
  2. A key feature of the 2017 tool is the alignment of the indicators with the key evaluation questions. Will this format assist your organisation?
  3. Is the content of the revised tertiary evaluation indicators clear, and useful?
  4. Are there any gaps, corrections or additions that should be included in the tertiary evaluation indicators?
  5. Do you have any further comments?

When will the TEIs be finalised?

NZQA will finalise and publish the TEIs by 31 August 2017.


If you have any questions, email with the subject line: Tertiary Evaluation Indicators.

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