2020 COVID exemptions for expanded Learning Recognition Credits changes and amended Certificate Endorsement thresholds (LRC+)

Please note this information relates to the 2020 school year, and not the current school year. 


NZQA and the Ministry of Education have determined the criteria for where it may be appropriate to apply the expanded Learning Recognition Credits (LRC+) changes and amended Certificate Endorsement thresholds beyond the Auckland region. 

These COVID exemptions aim to:

  1. preserve the integrity of NCEA and University Entrance
  2. help ensure students have a fair opportunity to achieve NCEA in 2020
  3. recognise the additional disruption to teaching, learning and assessment from COVID-19, following the 13 days of classroom time lost due to COVID due to the Alert Level 3 Lockdown in August 2020

To maximise the benefits accruing from the LRC+ and amended certificate endorsement thresholds all affected students should sit their end of year examinations as planned, where possible.  

Students attending Auckland Schools

Students attending school in Auckland at the time of the Level 3 August Lockdown, are eligible to these entitlements for the remainder of 2020. 

Students outside Auckland

Students outside Auckland can access LRC+ where they have experienced a significant disruption of an extent equivalent to that experienced by students in Auckland. An overview of the criteria and process is now available, along with the full criteria (PDF, 183KB). This can apply to a whole school, a group or individual students, with or without a physical school closure. 

Definition of a disruption of an “equivalent extent” for students outside of Auckland

In the period after the 12 August move to Alert Level 3: 

  1. face-to-face schooling was disrupted for 10+ school days for affected student(s).
  2. schools were unable to maintain continuity of teaching and learning for affected students where these students were unable to:
    • regularly attend, or
    • continue work on required assessment activities.

Application process

No action is required from the Auckland schools affected by the lockdown. 

Schools outside of Auckland will be able to make an application on behalf of their affected students in Term 4.

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