Quality Assurance

Updated on 18 May 2020

Ongoing quality assurance for tertiary education organisations (TEOs)

We will continue to support education providers by adapting our quality assurance activities in a fit-for-purpose way to reduce the risk to learners.

NZQA’s approach to external quality assurance (QA) is set out below. We will review these arrangements towards the end of COVID-19 Level 2 period and advise all TEOs of next steps.

Please contact us on covid19.enquiries@nzqa.govt.nz if you require additional information or further clarification.

QA Activities

NZQA Approach until further notice

Approval and Accreditation and Te Hono o Te Kahurangi approvals

Current and new applications from TEOs will continue to be processed.

TEOs may request a hold on the application process until such time as they can reasonably respond to any requests for further information. 

Limited fieldwork for degree applications will be undertaken. 

New PTE registration evaluation will continue to be desk based but may go on hold if further information/field visit is needed.

Degree panels may be convened to process degree applications. These will be conducted using remote access technology.

Codes of Practice for Pastoral Care of Students 

International Code monitoring activities will resume.

Guidance and support to schools and TEOs continues.

Domestic Code capability building workshops are still on hold.  

Programme monitoring

Programme monitoring activities at NZQF Levels 1-6 and Level 7 diplomas will resume and any fieldwork will be undertaken remotely.

Additional time to submit materials will be provided if required.

Draft and final monitoring reports will be issued. Additional time to respond will be provided if required. 

National external moderation

Annual summaries for NZQA-managed standards will continue to be issued.

We will provide additional time for TEOs to respond to requests for an action plan.

EERs and Assuring Consistency Reviews

Self-assessment reports for both Assuring Consistency Reviews and External Evaluation and Reviews (EERs), that have been already submitted, will be reviewed.

Draft EER and Consistency Review reports will be issued to providers for comment as normal, but with extended timelines for response.

Finalised EER and Consistency Review reports will be published.

A draft reprioritised EER schedule for the remainder of the calendar year will be published and TEOs advised. 

A new Consistency Review schedule will be published and TEOs advised.

Fieldwork will be negotiated on a case by case basis with TEOs.

Risk management

Non-compliance will continue to be followed up. Site visits will be undertaken on a case by case basis. 

Student complaints and queries will be followed up as normal. If a provider or student is unable to provide NZQA the relevant information within the timeframe, a revised deadline will be agreed. Both parties will be informed. 

Statutory action will be undertaken in accordance with the standard processes. 

Statutory notices will be published in line with the current publication policy. 

Closures will be managed remotely without site visits and meetings with students, wherever possible. All necessary information will be provided to affected parties in writing. 

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