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Transforming Assessment Praxis (TAP) is an online workshop, aimed at providing assessors with strategies to modify existing resources to better meet the needs of learners, and to explore diverse and valid ways of collecting evidence.

The workshop features online meetings, videos and professional readings, and encourages feedback from colleagues via formal and informal collaboration. The content is geared towards practical, research-based ideas and resources. TAP is designed to use the self-reflection and discussion of participants as an important catalyst for change. The format of this workshop allows for participants to learn and then trial assessment strategies with their learners, that they can easily implement.

Aims: To raise assessor confidence in recontextualising assessment resources to better meet the needs of students, while exploring different ways of collecting student evidence

As you participate in this online workshop you will:

  • look at ways to change existing resources to better meet the needs of your learners
  • explore strategies to enable you to create a variety of new assessment resources; and
  • explore diverse and valid methods of collecting assessment evidence to meet the varied needs of learners.

You will work collaboratively with other assessors learning how to write resources that cater to the needs of your own learners. By the end of the workshop you will have your own assessment resource.

This workshop was initially piloted during 2015 with a number of participants from all over New Zealand (including one from the Cook Islands). Since then a number of workshops have been delivered, with very positive feedback from participants.

Comments made about Transforming Assessment Praxis (TAP) Programme

"Helped to review my own knowledge and great to share ideas"

"Having time to challenge my thinking in assessment"

"Web meetings were great, being able to listen and take part in a range of activities with other teachers from all over"

"Sharing ideas with colleagues and doing a cross curricular assessment that will hopefully cover three different subjects"

"It was great to talk to teachers from other subject areas. Lots of exciting new ideas and learning came from this. It gave reassurance that I am on the right track as well as renewed enthusiasm to try new things"

Programme cost

The programme costs $120+GST.

Register for the TAP Programme

The TAP Programme is available again in 2020. The dates are as follows:

TAP 1 March 9 - May 8
Click here to register

TAP 2 May 11 - July 10
Click here to register

TAP 3 July 13 - Sept 11
Click here to register

TAP 4 Sept 14 - Nov 13
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For more information, email

Attendance fees and payment 

Your school or organisation will be invoiced at the end of the month that the programme is completed.

Substitution and Cancellation Policies 

Once the final registration form has been submitted, the registration fee is due and payable and there will be no waiver of the registration fee for non-attendance.

In the event that the registered person becomes unable to attend the programme, then NZQA will accept a substitute person up until five working days before the scheduled start date of the programme. Any substitute requests should be sent to

NZQA expressly retains the right to cancel, modify, or reschedule the programme due to any occurrence or cause, including but not limited to events beyond NZQA’s direct control ("a force majeure event").

Should any event occur that requires a workshop to be changed, every reasonable effort will be made to contact those who have registered as soon as possible to advise on whether the programme will proceed or on what revised basis it will proceed. Queries in this regard should be made to NZQA on (04) 463 3398.

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