2017 NCEA Digital Trial examinations

Accessing the 2017 NCEA digital trial examinations

Below are links to information regarding the 2017 NCEA digital trial examination.

Information for students reviewing marked examinations

After markers have released examination results, students will be able to access their results by going to the NZQA 2017 NCEA Trials webpage and logging in as they did when they sat the Trial.

The screen will be spilt into two areas. On the left-hand side students will see their examination answers and on the right-hand side of the screen their scores will be displayed. Student scores are broken down into individual question scores, a total score, and a school-assigned grade.

When navigating through the examination students should use the page numbers at the top of the screen - not the standard boxes at the bottom of the page - for navigation. Note that only the pages that questions were answered on will be displayed.

Accessing student results example

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