2017 Digital Trials and Pilots evaluation

NZQA’s findings from the 2017 NCEA Digital Trials and Pilots evaluation are being used to inform the 2018 project, as the organisation works towards having NCEA examinations available online by 2020.

As part of the Digital Trials and Pilots project, feedback was sought from the students, teachers, markers and examination centre managers who participated in the Trials and Pilots. This feedback has been valuable in providing insight into their experience, which is already informing the next steps NZQA takes with digital assessment in collaboration with schools and the wider education sector.

Feedback from students to the surveys shows we are on the right track. These are good indicative findings on which to build our future work.

Psychometric and statistical analysis of results, which was conducted for the Level 1 English Pilot examination, showed no evidence of disadvantage for those students sitting a digital examination, compared to the paper equivalent.

In 2017, 6199 students from 97 schools participated in at least one of the Digital Trial examinations, while 4,226 students from 54 schools participated in at least one of the Digital Pilot examinations.

Since 2014, almost three quarters of New Zealand secondary schools and around 30,000 students have experienced at least one online examination.

User Experience Evaluation Report (PDF, 882KB)

NCEA Online Trials and Pilots Dashboard (PDF, 664KB)

Detailed Reports

Teacher Survey - Digital Trials 2017 (PDF, 387KB)

Student Survey - Level 1 Digital Trial examinations 2017 (PDF, 398KB)

Exam Centre Manager/Supervisor Survey - Digital Pilots 2017 (PDF, 308KB)

Student Survey - Level 1 and 2 Digital Pilot examinations 2017 (PDF, 318KB)

Marker Survey - Digital Pilots 2017 (PDF, 265KB)

Principal's Nominee Survey - Digital Trials and Pilots 2017 (PDF, 165KB)

Psychometric Analysis Report 2017 (PDF, 1.1MB)


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