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Executive Summary

As part of a sector review in 2014/2015 the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) commissioned Deloitte to undertake a focussed review of five selected Agribusiness Training Limited (ABT) programmes.  Following this initial review, TEC added a sixth qualification to the scope and extended the review of all programmes to encompass the past six years back to 2009.

A key focus of the Deloitte review was whether the programmes were taught in accordance with NZQA’s approval and TEC’s funding requirements and complied with the teaching hours and weeks set out in the NZQA programme approval letters, as this forms the basis of TEC funding.  The Deloitte report identified an apparent under delivery of teaching hours across six programmes delivered by ABT.

NZQA has subsequently carried out a review of five of the programmes reviewed by Deloitte with focus on whether the programmes meet the educational outcomes set out in the original approval documents.  The review found that the content of the programmes currently meet the learning outcomes set out in the original programme approvals.  NZQA did not include the National Certificate in Apiculture as part of the review as ABT is no longer offering this course and all students have been transferred to the current New Zealand Certificate in Apiculture. 

Action is required to ensure that ABT’s programme documents and the approvals given by NZQA are consistent with ABT’s intended methods of delivery in the future. Applications are already in progress for approval of programme changes. 


ABT has been offering the five programmes since they were approved by NZQA. These are:

  • Certificate in Horticulture Industry Practice (Level 3), approved in 2007
  • National Certificate in Horticulture (Level 3), approved in 2009
  • National Certificate in Horticulture (Level 4), approved in 2012
  • Certificate in Land Based Skills (Level 3), approved in 2006
  • New Zealand Certificate in Apiculture (Level 3), approved in 2014

An external evaluation and review (EER) was undertaken in July 2014 and ABT received a Category 3 rating (Confident in educational performance, not yet confident in capability in self-assessment). Prior to this (2011 -2014) ABT held a Category 1 rating.  

The next EER is scheduled for 10 August 2015.

NZQA staff conducted a monitoring visit to ABT in Invercargill on 23 April 2015.

Particular attention was given to:

  • Programme outcomes
  • Assessment re sit opportunities 
  • Awarding of Certificates

The monitoring visit involved undertaking on site interviews with management and key staff – the Director, Education and Training Manager, Finance and Administration Manager, Chief Registry Officer, and Moderator. It also involved reviewing a wide range of documentation.

Information sources viewed on site included programme documentation, internal programme monitoring documents for 2015, unit standard templates, and assessment and moderation documents. 

Documents viewed post visit were ABT’s student handbook, marketing brochures and programme documentation.  

Read the full report (PDF, 78KB).

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