Guidance for providers about enrolling students from ICNZ

24 Jul 2017

This information is for tertiary education organisations who are considering offering a place to students transitioning from the International College of New Zealand Limited (ICNZ).

ICNZ course closures

NZQA withdrew ICNZ’s accreditation to provide the National Diploma in Business (Level 5), National Diploma in Business (Level 6) and Diploma in Business Management (Level 7).

Students enrolled in those programmes can no longer continue their studies at ICNZ.

Any provider considering offering a place to a student transitioning from ICNZ should ensure (as always) that they support the student to make well-informed enrolment decisions that are appropriate for the student’s expectations, English language proficiency, and academic capability.

Students' English proficiency

Some ICNZ students have a valid international English proficiency test result. However, in other cases, ICNZ enrolled students without having ensured that they met the minimum English proficiency requirements.

Any provider offering a place to a student transitioning from ICNZ must take care to obtain valid and robust evidence that the student has the necessary English proficiency for the programme they are seeking to enrol in, and be prepared to provide evidence of this to NZQA on request.

Students have been advised that they can contact NZQA by 7 August 2017 to express interest in participating in an IELTS test at no cost to themselves.

Students' achievement at ICNZ

The withdrawal of accreditation was the result of serious concerns about ICNZ’s assessment practices. Most of the assessments that ICNZ marked as a ‘pass’ should not have been passed.

As a result, the students who were enrolled at ICNZ at the time of the course closure cannot automatically be awarded credit towards a qualification based on credit they gained while they were enrolled at ICNZ. Providers are welcome to contact NZQA (with a student’s consent) to confirm what credit, if any, remains valid on the student’s academic record.

Assuming that a thorough pre-enrolment process has been carried out, there is nothing to prevent a provider from agreeing to conduct a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment to determine whether a student has valid and authentic evidence of meeting particular learning outcomes.

Providers must ensure that any such RPL assessment is robust and well documented, and be prepared to provide evidence of this to NZQA on request.

Alternatively, providers may determine that it is more appropriate to enrol students at the beginning of a programme.

Fee considerations

Students affected by the ICNZ course closures are receiving a full refund of fees paid to ICNZ. All usual legislative requirements apply to providers offering a place to ICNZ students.

Visa considerations

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is aware of the circumstances of the ICNZ course closure. Providers can direct any enquiries about visas to INZ.

Who to contact with queries?

Immigration New Zealand

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