NCEA Level 1 Mathematics examination

21 Nov 2017

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) is confident in the quality of the Level 1 Mathematics examination which met the specifications available to schools in advance of the school year. All NCEA assessments are aligned to the standard and the New Zealand Curriculum. The Level 1 Mathematics examination was set by a team of experienced mathematics teachers, for the right curriculum level, and is consistent with the specifications for the standard.

Students may find some questions in examinations more difficult than others, especially those parts of the question aimed at excellence. Parts of the examination will be challenging, but students often do better than they expect.

Each year we update our assessment specifications. Teachers are familiar with this process and will check the assessment specifications for changes. These assessment specifications include changes to the format of examination questions, as was the case in one of the three standards assessed in the Level 1 Mathematics and Statistics examination yesterday.

We provide ongoing communication about examinations through a number of channels including publication of resources about particular standards, including examples of the types of questions that will be asked. We also send emails and circulars to schools. This examination was featured in the workshops run by the New Zealand Association of Maths Teachers and supported by NZQA earlier in the year.

Media contact:
NZQA Communications or 027 457 5783

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