NZQA moves to recyclable wrap for exams

23 Aug 2019

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) will replace the unrecyclable plastic flow-wrap for the 2019 NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship examinations with a New Zealand manufactured recyclable wrap; and will return marked exam papers in recyclable paper envelopes.

“We understand the importance of making sustainable and responsible decisions for the environment, while still delivering the level of security and protection that examination materials need,” says Kristine Kilkelly, Deputy Chief Executive Assessment.

“For the 2019 NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship examinations, we will be using a different and fully recyclable plastic flow wrap.”

“The flow wrap is manufactured in New Zealand. Examination Centre Managers will collect and return the wrap to be recycled into other products such as council rubbish bags, coffee dumpers for the coffee industry, or industrial wrap for the timber industry. This circular recycling process ensures that plastic resources are re-used as many times as possible before they are disposed of.”

“NZQA is also committed to providing an alternative, plastic free, way of returning marked examination papers to students in future. For the 2019 examination round, marked papers will be returned to candidates in recyclable paper envelopes.”

“We envision that over time the increasing uptake of NCEA Online will have a positive environmental impact with the reduction of paper examination material,” Kristine Kilkelly says.

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