NZQA welcomes NCEA Online investment

29 Jun 2018

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) is delighted in the investment the Government has announced for NCEA Online.  

As part of NZQA’s journey towards digital transformation, we are working towards a goal of having NCEA examinations available online by 2020.

Many schools use digital technology in nearly every aspect of their teaching and learning. It makes sense that students should be assessed using technology they are familiar with.

NCEA Online aims to modernise and digitise the NCEA assessment functions that NZQA administers, while ensuring our processes and systems that support this are fit-for-purpose.

We are currently working on the design phase of the NCEA Online project. This co-design has involved working closely with schools and the wider education sector. The investment now enables us to build the system that schools will experience and begin redefining how we develop examinations.

Additionally, it enables us to continue offering Digital Trial and Pilot examinations to schools at a larger scale.

The Digital Trials and Pilots are an important stepping stone, as we work towards 2020. They allow schools to test their readiness and provide the opportunity for students to experience assessment in a digital format.

Changing the way students sit external examinations enables NCEA to remain a relevant and trusted credential that signals students readiness to succeed in post-school education and the workplace.

Our aim is that learners “Qualify for the future world”.

This is one type of innovation we have underway at NZQA that will continue to pave the way for all New Zealanders to benefit from the digital economic transformation that is taking place.

Editor’s Note:

Read the release from Minister Hipkins here.

A Digital Trial is a practice assessment that does not count towards a student’s NCEA, but may provide evidence towards a derived grade.

A Digital Pilot is sat instead of the equivalent NCEA paper examinations. A printed examination paper is available for these digital examination candidates, if required. 

Schools and students have the choice of whether to opt in for Digital Trials and Pilots.

Early next week NZQA will release the evaluation of the 2017 Digital Trials and Pilots project.

Learn more about NZQA’s Digital Trials and Pilots programme here.

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