‘Stacking’ micro-credentials toward qualifications

27 Jan 2021

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) has updated its micro-credential approval process to make explicit how micro-credentials may contribute directly toward qualifications. This is sometimes referred to as ‘stacking’. 

Micro-credentials were introduced into the regulated education and training system in August 2018. While it has always been possible for micro-credentials to ‘stack’ toward qualifications, NZQA’s initial emphasis was on the role micro-credentials could play in addressing unmet skill requirements through stand-alone components of learning.

Programmes leading to qualifications may include micro-credentials as components of learning, provided the design of the programme is coherent and maps to the qualification outcomes and strategic purpose.

For more information on how micro-credentials may contribute to programmes leading to qualifications see our micro-credential approvals page. Guidelines for programme approval and micro-credential approval will be updated shortly.

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