Updated Tertiary Evaluation Indicators

30 Nov 2017

After significant sector consultation, including written feedback and workshops, NZQA has updated and refreshed the Tertiary Evaluation Indicators (TEIs).

The reviewed TEIs continue to reflect the principles of the Evaluative Quality Assurance Framework (EQAF) and form part of NZQA’s quality assurances processes.

The TEIs are a useful tool for ongoing organisational self-assessment by Tertiary Education Organisations (TEOs). The TEIs help inform the answers to the key evaluative questions (KEQs) in external evaluation and review (EER). They do this by providing information about factors likely to be relevant when considering the performance of an education organisation.

TEOs and EER evaluators use the TEIs as prompts as to possible sources of evidence to be considered when answering the KEQs.

Education organisations will find the TEIs a helpful tool for their ongoing self-assessment activities.

The updated TEIs can be found here, along with  a useful one-page summary table of the indicators here.

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