Assessment (including Examination) Rules for Schools with Consent to Assess 2020

6.7 Assessment Opportunities for Internal Assessment

  1. A "Not Achieved" must be recorded for a student who has had an adequate opportunity to be assessed but has failed to avail themselves of this opportunity.

    Further Assessment Opportunity

  2. Assessment evidence used to award grades needs to be available for verification, and approaches to assessment that involve collection of evidence must be documented.
  3. Where manageable, and after further learning has taken place, Candidates may be offered a maximum of one further opportunity for assessment against an Assessment Standard within a year.
  4. All students, including those who did not complete the original assessment for a reason acceptable under the School's policies, must be able to:
    1. access the further opportunity, if they wish; and
    2. use the further opportunity to improve their original grade.
  5. Students must be awarded the higher grade achieved over both opportunities.


  6. If a teacher judges a student has made a minor error or omission that they should be capable of discovering and correcting on their own, a resubmission may be offered to confirm a grade.
  7. A resubmission must be limited to specific aspects of the assessment and no more than one resubmission must be provided per assessment opportunity.
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