Assessment (including Examination) Rules for Schools with Consent to Assess 2022

6.5 External Moderation

  1. External moderation for internally assessed standards listed on the Directory is a process by which NZQA can provide an assurance that assessment decisions in relation to Assessment Standards are consistent nationally.
  2. NZQA will annually select internally assessed Assessment Standards from across curriculum areas for moderation.
  3. Each School will submit assessment material to NZQA prior to their moderation submission date for the selected Assessment Standards, which will include samples of students’ work selected according to NZQA’s selection process. Schools are required to ensure that teachers have no opportunity to re-mark the sample of student work after it has been selected.
  4. All samples submitted must clearly distinguish each student’s work, be easy to read, and account for any privacy issues (for example known protection orders or by using a unique identifier in a way that is permissible under Principle 13 of the Information Privacy Principles of the Privacy Act 2020).  
  5. NZQA will carry out external moderation and will provide information an external moderation results report to the School.
  6. Schools must address issues that are identified in the external moderation results report, including the use of invalid tasks and lack of agreement by the moderator with assessor judgements.

    Reviews and Appeals of an External Moderation Report

  7. The Reviews and Appeals processes in Section 9 apply to NZQA's external moderation results report.
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