Assessment (including Examination) Rules for Schools with Consent to Assess 2014 (EXPIRED)

5.6 Reporting


  1. Schools must establish and use processes to ensure that all candidate entries for internally and externally assessed standards are reported to NZQA to meet published timelines.
  2. Schools must report to NZQA only those internal assessment results which have been subject to the school’s internal moderation process, are up-to-date and have been verified for accuracy.
  3. NZQA

  4. Unless notified to the contrary by the school or candidates, NZQA will use the latest reported result when awarding qualifications for results for the same standard reported in different years, even if a previously reported result was better.
  5. NZQA will release results for standards assessed in 2014 before 1 February 2015.
  6. NZQA will release results for New Zealand Scholarship 2014 before 1 March 2015.
  7. NZQA may set alternative dates for the release of results to candidates in extenuating circumstances.
  8. Results release, Records of Achievement, School Result Summaries and certificates will be in a form determined by NZQA and approved by the Chief Executive.
  9. Certified statements of official results will be available upon written application by the candidates to NZQA and payment of the search and confirmation fee set out in the Fee Schedule.
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