Assessment (including Examination) Rules for Schools with Consent to Assess 2014 (EXPIRED)

6.6 Breaches of the Rules - Internal Assessment

  1. Each school must have a written procedure for dealing with reported breaches of its rules relating to internal assessment.
  2. Schools must have procedures to investigate any conduct by candidates in internal assessment similar to those outlined in the Breaches of the Rules - External Assessment.
  3. The Principal's Nominee must investigate any report of a possible breach of the rules by a candidate in an internal assessment in accordance with the school's written procedure.
  4. The Principal's Nominee must allow the candidate an opportunity to provide an explanation and will decide on any disciplinary action to be taken in accordance with the school's written procedures, if the explanation does not satisfy the Principal's Nominee that a breach did not occur.
  5. Where a candidate has been found to have breached the rules and has knowingly, fraudulently or unwittingly gained an advantage which undermines the credibility of the assessment, a 'Not Achieved' grade must be reported for the assessment of that assessment standard.
  6. Candidates have the right to an appeal to a designated person in a school, of any decision made relating to any possible breach of the rules under the school's documented appeal process.
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