Assessment (including Examination) Rules for Schools with Consent to Assess 2014 (EXPIRED)

7.1.6 External Assessment by other than NZQA Examinations

  1. The externally assessed standards for verified languages, Technology (including Design and Visual Communication), Visual Arts, and Level 3 Education for Sustainability, will not be assessed through NZQA-based examinations.
  2. The Assessment Specifications published by NZQA before the end of 2013 provide information about the processes for 2014 relating to the external assessment of the standards referred to in paragraph a.
  3. The details of the assessment processes, including the submission of student work, deadlines and timetables, will be published by NZQA during 2014.
  4. All candidate work submitted for external assessment must be authenticated as the candidate's own work by schools in accordance with their policy and procedures for authenticity.
  5. Work sent to NZQA that is not confirmed as authentic will be dealt with under a Breach of the Rules - External Assessment.
  6. Schools must submit samples of candidate work for verification of assessor judgements consistent with their Consent to Assess.
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