Assessment (including Examination) Rules for Schools with Consent to Assess 2016 (EXPIRED)

5.2 Candidate Eligibility

  1. A Candidate is eligible to be assessed against an assessment standard who:
    1. meets any eligibility criteria specified in the standard concerned; and
    2. has had entries for either externally assessed standards or internally assessed standards forwarded to NZQA by a School.
  2. A Candidate is eligible to enter in a New Zealand Scholarship subject in 2016 (with the performance standard specifying if it is by examination or submission of a portfolio) if NZQA has received the necessary fee (as set out in the Fee Schedule) for the subject.  For the avoidance of doubt a School may enter:
    1. international fee-paying students enrolled with the School; or
    2. students enrolled in a school without Consent to Assess but who make entry via the School through a Memorandum of Understanding that exists between the schools; or
    3. home-schooled, secondary school equivalent students, who have not completed their secondary education in a previous year, who make an entry as a link student with that School and attest to their eligibility through a Justice of the Peace.
  3. A student is ineligible for assessment against an assessment standard or entry in a New Zealand Scholarship subject in 2016 if the student has been disqualified from entry under these Rules unless, having been disqualified from entry, the student appeals or applies for a review of that disqualification in accordance with these Rules and the outcome of the appeal or review is not known at the time of assessment.
  4. A home-schooled student and other persons who are eligible but not enrolled in a school may be assessed against assessment standards through a School, with the associated administrative costs being negotiated between the student (or other person) and the School.
  5. NZQA may permit assessment, despite a person not meeting the eligibility criteria, if extenuating circumstances justify it.
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