NZQF Qualification Listing and Operational Rules 2012 (EXPIRED)

15. Award of qualifications

  1. Organisations that may award a qualification listed on the NZQF are, - 
    1. for qualifications at levels 1 to 6 (other than NCEA and university qualifications), the bodies listed in Rule 15.2; and
    2. for all other qualifications, the body or combination of bodies listed for that qualification for the purposes of paragraph (h) of Rule 4.1.
  2. Qualifications at levels 1 to 6 (other than NCEA and university qualifications) may be awarded by:
    1. the qualification developer; or
    2. an institution with a programme approval under section 249 of the Act in respect of the qualification; or
    3. an industry training organisation with consent to assess against standards making up the qualification (under section 252 of the Act) pending the industry training organisation obtaining a programme approval for the qualification; or
    4. an institution accredited under section 250 of the Act to provide a programme leading to the qualification; or
    5. NZQA where there is good reason for the qualification not being awarded by the organisations described in paragraphs (a) – (d).
  3. The formal document certifying the award of a qualification with “New Zealand” or "NZQF" in the title must bear the NZQF logo, and may also include the name or logo of the qualification developer or other awarding body.
  4. For listed qualifications of the kind to which Rule 15.1(b) applies that do not have “New Zealand” in the title, the qualification developer may specify the requirements for the formal document certifying the award, which may include using the NZQF logo where approved to do so by NZQA.


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