NZQF Qualification Listing and Operational Rules 2012 (EXPIRED)

3. Interpretation

  1. In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires: "Act" means the Education Act 1989:

"Credit recognition and transfer" means a formal process whereby credit for outcomes already achieved by a student in relation to a qualification is recognised as credit for comparable outcomes in another qualification:

"Credit value" means the number of credits, with each credit representing ten notional learning hours:

"Level" means any of levels 1 to 10 set out in the first column of the NZQF structure:

"Mātauranga Māori evaluative quality assurance criteria" means the criteria used for Mātauranga Māori evaluative quality assurance published by NZQA on its website for the purposes of assessing both stages of applications (development and final approval under Rule 10.2) to list a qualification at level 1 to 6 on the NZQF:

"Mātauranga Māori logo" means the logo of NZQA set out in the Appendix to the NZQF Programme Approval and Accreditation Rules 2013:

"Mātauranga Māori quality assurance mark" means the mark awarded to an institution by NZQA under the NZQF Programme Approval and Accreditation Rules 2013:

"NCEA" means the National Certificate of Educational Achievement: "NZQA" means the New Zealand Qualifications Authority:

"NZQF" means the New Zealand Qualifications Framework:

"NZQF logo" means the logo that is available from NZQA for approved usage in relation to the NZQF:

"NZQF structure" means the structure set out in the Table in the Appendix, consisting of the Levels and qualification types:

"Qualification developer" means a university, polytechnic, wānanga, registered private training establishment, government training establishment, industry training organisation, NZQA, or other body that NZQA recognises as capable of meeting the responsibilities of a qualification developer set out in Rule 13.1; and for the purposes of Rule 17 is the body that NZQA notifies as being the qualification developer for a particular qualification:

"Qualification type" means a type of qualification listed in the second column of the NZQF structure:

"Quality assurance body" means:
(a) NZQA:
(b) Universities New Zealand when it is exercising the powers of NZQA in respect of universities:

"Recognition of prior learning" means a process that involves formal assessment of a student’s relevant and current knowledge and skills (gained through prior learning) to determine achievement of learning outcomes of a qualification for the purpose of awarding credit towards that qualification; and for the avoidance of doubt it does not include credit recognition and transfer:

"Status" means current, expiring, or discontinued status of the qualification, as described in Rules 7.1 to 7.5:

"Universities New Zealand" means the New Zealand Vice-Chancellors' Committee established under section 240 of the Act.


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