NZQF Qualification Listing and Operational Rules 2012 (EXPIRED)

4. Qualification details listed on the NZQF for all qualifications

  1. The details for all qualifications to be listed on the NZQF are:
    1. a title for the qualification that properly reflects the qualification:
    2. a suitable qualification type and level that recognises the achievement of a set of learning outcomes for a particular purpose through formal certification:
    3. a statement of the purpose of the qualification which clearly states the use of the qualification in New Zealand, or the use of the qualification in one or more other countries, and its relevance to students, industry, employers, professions, whānau, hāpu, iwi, hāpori Māori or community groups:
    4. a suitable outcome statement that:
      1. includes a graduate profile which describes the knowledge, skills, and attributes that the graduate will be able to demonstrate upon achieving the qualification:
      2. identifies the education pathways to other qualifications, if any
      3. identifies either or both of the employment pathways or any contribution to the community, whānau, hapū, iwi, or hāpori Māori:
    5. the credit value:
    6. the assigned six digit code from the New Zealand Standard of Classification of Education (NZSCED) system:
    7. the name, contact details, and legal status of the appointed qualification developer:
    8. the name or kind of body that awards, or combination of bodies that award, the qualification:
    9. the intended period for ongoing review, usually being no longer than 5 years from listing and no longer than 5 years from each review thereafter.
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