NZQF Qualification Listing and Operational Rules 2012 (EXPIRED)

5. Further details for qualifications listed at levels 1 to 6

  1. Compliance with Rule 5.2 by a university is required only where the title of a qualification sought to be listed by the university begins with the words "New Zealand".
  2. Subject to Rule 5.1, qualifications at levels 1 to 6, in addition to the details in Rule 4.1, must also contain the following details:
    1. for titles in English, the generic stem of the title (except for NCEA) must begin with the words "New Zealand" (and for the purposes of section 292(5) of the Act, this amounts to NZQA consent to use the words "New Zealand") or, for qualifications with a predominant use in one or more other countries, must begin with the acronym “NZQF”:
    2. after the words "New Zealand" or “NZQF” (except for NCEA) will be the qualification type, then the designator that identifies the main discipline or subject field of the qualification, followed by its level:
    3. the title may include other qualifiers such as:
      1. the country or countries other than New Zealand in which it has a predominant use:
      2. optional discipline and focus qualifiers:
      3. strands that recognise achievement or specialties:
    4. the title must not include the name of a person, organisation, or product unless the applicant satisfies the quality assurance body that there is a sound educational justification for the inclusion:
    5. a suitable specification that contains the mandatory conditions set out in Rule 5.3 and the optional conditions set out in Rule 5.4 for programmes leading to the award of the qualification, which must enable the qualification to be achieved through a range of contexts and learning pathways.
  3.  For the purposes of paragraph (e) of Rule 5.2 mandatory conditions include:
    1.  quality assurance arrangements to ensure consistency of qualification outcomes stated in the graduate profile:
    2. arrangements for credit recognition and transfer, and recognition of prior learning:
    3. any pre-requisites to meet regulatory body or legislative requirements, such as for health and safety:
    4. any critical standards from the Directory of Assessment Standards, or regulatory body or industry standards, mapped to outcomes in the graduate profile (where the qualification specification includes such standards):
    5. the minimum standard of achievement, and standards for grade endorsements such as merit or excellence (where applicable).
  4.  For the purposes of paragraph (e) of Rule 5.2 optional conditions include:
    1.  entry requirements, including a range of contexts and learning pathways, and minimum literacy levels:
    2. structure of the programme, including the sequence of critical standards or graduate profile outcomes:
    3. the context for delivery or assessment:
    4. other conditions, such as the maximum time for completion and any practicum requirements.


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