NZQF Programme Approval and Accreditation Rules 2021

16. Use of sub-contractors by institutions other than universities to provide approved programmes or parts of approved programmes

  1. Where an institution (other than a university) proposes to use a sub-contractor to provide an approved programme or part of an approved programme on the institution's behalf, and the institution and the sub-contractor are both accredited to provide the programme (or part), the institution must notify NZQA of the sub-contracting arrangement prior to the programme ( or part) being provided, and supply the following information with that notification:
    1. a copy of the sub-contracting agreement which must outline the responsibilities and obligations  of the parties:
    2. the duration  of the arrangement:
    3. the reasons for the arrangement:
    4. confirmation that any advertising and other information provided to prospective students clearly shows that the study or training involved is provided under a sub­ contracting  arrangement.
  2. Where an institution ( other than a university) proposes to use a sub-contractor to provide an approved programme or part of an approved programme that the institution is accredited to provide, and the sub-contractor does not itself hold accreditation, the institution must apply to NZQA for approval to engage the sub-contractor prior to any provision of the programme (or part) by the sub-contractor.
  3. Applications under rule 16.2 for approval to engage the sub-contractor must include the following information:
    1. the  name of the sub-contractor:
    2. identification of the programme(s) or part(s) to be provided under the arrangement:
    3. the rationale for the proposed sub-contracting arrangement:
    4. a copy of the sub-contracting arrangement between the institution and the sub­ contractor:
    5. evidence  of internal quality assurance approval by the institution.
  4. NZQA will grant approval to an application under rule 16.2 where it is satisfied that:
    1. the institution remains responsible for the sub-contractor meeting all of the institution's obligations that are relevant for the accreditation:
    2. the sub-contractor will meet all relevant obligations in the Act and in rules made under section 452 of the Act in relation to the  provision of the programme:
    3. there is a formal documented arrangement between the holder and the sub­ contractor that includes provisions to ensure that NZQA is able to exercise its quality assurance and enforcement powers and functions in respect of the acts or omissions of the sub-contractor relating to the provision of the programme:
    4. the information and advertising for the study or training clearly states that it is provided through  a sub-contracting arrangement:
    5. all student enrolments are through the institution, and the institution maintains all student enrolment and academic information.
  5. To continue to maintain approval under rule 16.4 an institution must ensure the sub­ contracting is conducted at all times in accordance with the requirements set out in paragraphs (a) to (e) of rule  16.4.


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