NZQF Qualification Listing and Operational Rules 2021

15 Unsatisfactory reviews of qualifications (other than university qualifications)

  1. NZQA may, where it considers that a satisfactory result is not being achieved from any reviews of one or more qualifications (other than university qualifications), -
    1. notify the relevant qualification developers of the details of a further review process and the timeframes for that review:
    2. consult known interested parties in the review process, and take into account their views:
    3. reach an interim decision on the qualifications needed and advise the interested parties of the interim decision and the reasons for it:
    4. ask the interested parties for submissions on the interim decision, and take those submissions into account in reaching a final decision:
    5. notify the interested parties of the final decision, the reasons for the decision, and the timeframes and process for implementing the final decision:
    6. list the qualifications needed that are not already listed, insert any relevant listing details for the resulting qualifications, and assign an expiring status to qualifications not required.
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