Private training establishment and Industry Training Organisation rules

Private training establishments

The rules listed below are for private training establishments operating in the tertiary sector:

NB:  The Private Training Establishment Registration Rules (above) incorporate the Private Training Establishment Registration Amendment Rules 2014 (PDF, 70KB), 2015 (PDF, 174KB), 2016 (PDF, 56KB) and 2017 (PDF, 172KB). If you need to, you can download the original version (PDF, 112KB) of the rules which do not include the 2014 amendments, and were in effect from 1 January 2013 until 31 December 2013.

NB: The Student Fee Protection Rules (above) incorporate the Student Fee Protection Amendment Rules 2017 (PDF, 149KB)2016 (PDF, 54KB) and 2015 (PDF, 282KB).  If you need to, you can download the original version (PDF, 718KB) which do not include the 2016 & 2015 amendments.

NB:  The Enrolment and academic records rules (above) incorporate the PTE Enrolment and Academic Records Amendment Rules 2016 (PDF, 51KB).  If you need to you can download the original version (PDF, 37KB) which does not include these amendments.

Industry training organisations

The following NZQA rules are specific to industry training organisations.

NB:  The Annual Fee Rules 2015 incorporate industry training organisations, who now pay an annual fee to cover part of NZQA’s quality assurance costs.  The Private Training Establishment Annual Registration Fee Rules (No.2) 2011 are revoked. 

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