Quality Assurance (including External Evaluation and Review (EER)) Rules 2016 (v3)

7. Process for and participation in EER

  1. NZQA will notify the institution or ITO of a scheduled EER by giving the institution or ITO at least four months’ notice, unless:
    1. a shorter timeframe is agreed between NZQA and an institution or ITO; or
    2. Rule 12.2 applies, and NZQA gives notice of at least one month.          
  2. [revoked]
  3. The frequency of an EER, for a category of institution or ITO that has previously been subject to an EER, is as set out in Rule 12.1.
  4. NZQA will reschedule a scheduled EER on request by an institution or ITO where NZQA is satisfied the institution or ITO has supplied convincing reasons to do so.
  5. Following the scheduling of the EER, NZQA will notify the institution or ITO of the compulsory scope items set out in Rule 7.6, consult the institution or ITO about the remaining scope of the EER and, after taking into account any submissions from the institution or ITO and any other relevant information, NZQA will set the scope for the review.

    7.5A Where, at any time during the four stages of an EER NZQA obtains information that causes NZQA to have concerns over any area of performance of the institution or ITO, NZQA may amend the scope to include that area (and adjust any set timeframes to accommodate the impact of the inclusion of that area).

  6. The content of the compliance declaration provided under Rule 14B.1, and the findings from any validation visit conducted under Rule 7.8(a), must be included in the scope of the review that is set under Rule 7.5.
  7. NZQA will conduct the enquiry (including on-site at the institution) to gather sufficient evidence for reaching conclusions.
  8. On reasonable notice from NZQA and for the purposes of the scheduled EER, an institution or ITO must:
    1. at a time specified in writing by NZQA to the institution or ITO, participate (with full cooperation) in a validation visit by NZQA (for which fees are not chargeable by NZQA) the purpose of which is to verify some or all of the content of any compliance declaration of the institution or ITO as required by Rule 14B.1:
    2. provide to NZQA access to the premises, equipment, and relevant records, data, and other information:
    3. facilitate access to staff, contractors, and students:
    4. provide evidence of its self-assessment, based on the requirements set out in Appendix1 to these Rules.


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