Quality Assurance (including External Evaluation and Review (EER)) Rules 2021

APPENDIX 2: The integrated framework for evaluative quality assurance

  1. NZQA’s integrated framework for evaluative quality assurance encompasses:
    1. self-assessment by institutions and transitional ITOs:
    2. front-end quality assurance processes, such as granting applications for:
      1. approval of qualifications for listing on the NZQF;
      2. approval of programmes leading to qualifications;
      3. approval of training schemes;
      4. accreditation to provide approved programmes;
      5. approval of standards for listing on the Directory of Assessment Standards (Directory);
      6. consent to assess against standards on the Directory; and
      7. registration of PTEs; and
      8. international Code signatory status:
    3. risk and compliance monitoring and enforcement, including:
      1. remedial actions including but not limited to improvement plans which are established for Category 3 and 4 institutions, and for transitional ITOs receiving a statement of confidence that is Not Yet Confident or Not Confident:
      2. issuing compliance notices, issuing quality assurance improvement notices, imposing conditions, and withdrawal or cancellation in respect of granted applications of the kind described in paragraph (b):
      3. prosecuting certain offences set out in the Act and related criminal offences:
    4. EER and any other quality assurance within these Rules.
  2. The high level policy expectations for the evaluative quality assurance framework are set out on NZQA’s website.
  3. In implementing its evaluative quality assurance framework, NZQA uses the evaluation methods, tools, and processes that are published on its website, and revises them from time to time.



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