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2020 Candidate Admission Slips and Examination Information
A2020/19 - 5 Oct 2020


Principal’s Nominee

Candidates entered for an externally-assessed examination by 9 September 2020 will receive:

  • their 2020 Admission Slip
  • a Candidate Information Sheet (External Assessment – Rules and Instructions for Candidates). 

These materials will be delivered to schools from 21 October 2020 in cartons labelled with ‘NZQA Admission Slips’.

  • Admission Slips are sorted by candidate surname and also by any sort keys you may have provided with your school data (e.g. by form group). In some cases, the Admission Slip may be two pages.
  • Admission Slips are printed with a colour divider denoting the start of a new sort key.
  • The sort key is printed on the divider in large font.
  • Admission Slips are not enclosed in envelopes.

The requirements of the Privacy Act mean candidates’ addresses are no longer displayed on the Admission Slips.

School Actions

  1. Hand out the Admission Slips as soon as possible and have candidates check and confirm that their entries are correct.
  2. If entries are missing, the late entry process detailed in the Principal’s Nominee Late Entries EmaiLink should be followed.
  3. Encourage the candidates to use the NZQA Learner Login at to check their address. If a change of address is required, please make the necessary changes by data file submission to NZQA immediately. This will ensure any booklets/materials are returned to the candidate’s correct address in January-February 2021.
  4. Remind candidates to keep their Admission Slip in a safe place and to bring it to every examination. They must not write on it or share it with anyone.

Late Entries

If late entries have been made after the 9 September file, these will not show on a candidate’s original Admission Slip. You will need to print and sign an updated copy.

Lost Admission Slips

If candidates lose their Admission Slips, you can print a copy from the NZQA schools’ Provider login page (Reports, Exam Reports link). This must be signed by the Principal’s Nominee.

Please note candidates can reprint their Admission Slip through their learner login on the NZQA website. The Principal’s Nominee must also sign this copy.  


Please refer any enquiries relating to this circular to your School Relationship Manager:

School Relationship Manager
School Quality Assurance and Liaison
Telephone: 04 463 3000

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