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A2016/023 - 22 Nov 2016


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Three year schedule for Making Assessor Judgments Best Practice Workshops

In response to feedback from the sector NZQA will be publishing a three year schedule for the Best Practice Workshops this December. This feedback asked for workshops to be scheduled at the end of the preceding year to assist schools with their planning.

This year, we introduced a ‘Registration of Interest’ process which aimed to give us more information around what teachers/assessors needed and allowed NZQA to schedule based on demand.  Although this process allowed us to better schedule workshops and reduce the risk of cancellations due to insufficient numbers, it has proved difficult for schools/organisations to plan for attendance on this basis. 

Three year Best Practice Workshop schedule

These workshops are aimed at giving teachers/assessors more confidence in making assessment judgments and also engaging in professional discussion with colleagues and the facilitator about samples of student work and standard interpretation. The schedule includes both face-to-face and online workshops and covers 14 regions. 

The face-to-face workshops have been scheduled in the first two terms, based on previous demand.  In the event that there are insufficient numbers, registrants will be invited to attend an online workshop. Those who prefer this method of delivery can register for the online workshop at the outset. More information about these workshops and the guest speaker option, which has proven very popular this year, may be found on the Best Practice Workshops/Assessor Support pages.

Feedback on draft schedule

We would like your feedback around locations and timings for the 2017 draft schedule to inform the publication of a final schedule in early December. The workshop schedules for 2018/2019 are intended to give assessors a look ahead over a three year period.

It is intended that this process will be followed each year to reduce the risk of cancellation due to insufficient numbers, and so that schools can plan for attendance.

If you wish to provide feedback please email by no later than 2 December 2016. If you have any questions, please contact Lynne Gill at

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