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Changes to the Art History Examinations for 2017
A2016/027 - 08 Dec 2016


Principal's Nominee
Head of Art History Department
All Art History Teachers

Changes to the Art History Examinations for 2017

As part of the regular planned process of review and improvement, NZQA will make two changes to the Art History examinations for 2017.  The changes will be made to the examinations for:

  • NZ Scholarship Art History
  • Level 3 Art History Achievement Standard 91482: Demonstrate understanding of style in art works

NZ Scholarship

An additional question will be added to the examination in 2017. Candidates will be required to complete three questions. This will bring Art History into line with other subjects and enable more accurate determination of Scholarship recipients through a wider spread of results.

Level 3

From 2017, this examination for Achievement Standard 91482 will comprise one question only and the focus of the question will be on stylistic characteristics. (Previously the examination for Achievement Standard 91482 contained seven questions.)

Candidates will be required to apply their understanding of style to any two artworks from the examination resource booklet provided.  The intent of this change is to allow teachers more flexibility in terms of their teaching programmes and for candidates to explore artworks of interest to them.


The changes to both NZ Scholarship and Level 3 will take effect in the 2017 examinations.

  • Teaching and Learning Programmes: No changes have been made to the lists of artists and contexts, and there is no expectation teachers will need to amend their teaching and learning programmes.


Please refer any enquiries relating to this circular to:

Steve Bargh
National Assessment Facilitator
Secondary Examinations
Phone: 04 463 3173

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