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Fees and Financial Assistance for 2016
A2016/007 - 20 Apr 2016


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Fees and Financial Assistance for 2016

There are no changes to fees for 2016. Schools are requested to set collection and processing dates for fees and financial assistance to meet the deadlines in this circular.

Fees for domestic candidates


Entry for all NCEA standards


Entry for each New Zealand Scholarship subject

$30.00 per subject

Fees for international fee-paying candidates  


Entry for all NCEA standards


Entry for each New Zealand Scholarship subject

$102.20 per subject

Payment due date

A circular detailing the processes for payment of these fees will be available in August 2016.

The due date for payment to NZQA of all fees collected by schools from candidates is 14 September 2016.

If any fees remain unpaid after the due date for collection by the school, students must pay these directly to NZQA. These payments may be made online or by using the candidate fee payment form. As in previous years, NZQA will write to students advising them of unpaid fees by November 2016.

A late fee of $50 will be applied to all fees not paid by 1 December 2016.

Only when payment is received will NCEA and other results be officially released to the Record of Achievement and used for qualifications.

New Zealand Scholarship candidates who have not paid their fees in full will be ineligible for a New Zealand Scholarship Award.

Online fee payments for outside school collection cycle

If students need to pay outside the school collection cycle (e.g. for mid-year University Entrance applications), they can pay on-line using their learner login.

Financial Assistance

The purpose of financial assistance is to ensure that fees are not a barrier to participation in national qualifications for domestic students in low-to middle-income families.

Each year the government provides funding for eligible students to assist with the cost of NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship fees. This means that these students will pay a reduced administration fee rather than full NZ domestic rates.

To be eligible for financial assistance, the applicant (normally the parent or guardian of the candidate) must be the fee-payer¹ and must apply under one of the following application categories/types:

  • Benefit applications – this includes those receiving a Work and Income or Study Link benefit, or those with a current Community Services Card.
  • Income-based applications – this includes those that have a joint family2 income that would entitle the applicant to receive a Community Services Card, but do not already have one (see below for further information on income limits for low to middle income families).
  • Multiple candidate applications – this includes fee-payers¹ with two or more children who are candidates, where the total fees to pay would otherwise be more than the $200 multiple candidate maximum.

Financial Assistance fees schedule 2016

Number of children who are candidates:

Fee-payer¹ is eligible for beneficiary or income-based assistance

Fee-payer¹ is not eligible for beneficiary or income-based assistance

One candidate


Full fee ($76.70 and $30 per NZ Scholarship subject)

Two or more candidates

A maximum of $30.00* per family/fee-payer

A maximum of $200.00* per family/fee-payer

*Includes the cost of NCEA and any New Zealand Scholarship entries

Note: International fee paying students are not eligible for financial assistance.

Income Limits

Eligibility for benefit and income based financial assistance is based on Work and Income’s Community Services Card income limits. The applicable 2016 rates, as published on the Work and Income website, are as follows:

Family Size

Income Limits  (before tax)
From 1 April 2016

Family of 2


Family of 3


Family of 4


Family of 5


Family of 6


For families of more than six, the limit goes up another $7,898 for each extra person.

Note: These community services card income limits are also available on the NZQA website. Please direct fee-payers¹ to this information.

Application form

Financial assistance applications must be made to schools using the Application for Financial Assistance form. The form and further information regarding financial assistance is available on the NZQA website.

Schools need to ensure that candidates are notified of their ability to apply for financial assistance well in advance, and are required to set collection and processing dates that provide the school adequate time to process applications in its web entry or Student Management System (SMS) to be included in the 1 September data file submission. This will give you time to meet the payment deadline of 14 September.

Schools can continue to accept applications and send financial assistance data to NZQA for late enrolments or transferring students until 1 December 2016 using their SMS or web entries systems.

NZQA does not require that schools verify information given by applicants but may ask schools to provide copies of processed application forms.  NZQA reserves the right to ask applicants to provide evidence in support of their financial assistance application.

Financial assistance data

The financial assistance approval process is completely dependent on the school’s data entry processes. If the financial assistance information is accurate, the application will automatically be approved during processing by NZQA.

If, however, necessary financial assistance information is missing from a school’s data file submission to NZQA, the application will fall into a Declined, Pending or Error status during processing. These application errors will appear in your Key Indicator Checklist, Billing Report and/or Data File Submission batch summary screens. These errors must be fixed in your SMS or web entries systems and a new file submitted to NZQA.

For assistance on resolving financial assistance errors, refer to the Financial Assistance Handbook in the Financial Assistance area of the NZQA High Security login, or contact the Secondary Data team.

2016 Fees and financial assistance key dates summary

Mid-late August

Fee payment process circular available

1 September

All financial assistance applications must be included in 1 Sept data file submission to meet 14 Sept fee payment deadline

14 September

Due date for school payment of NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship fees to NZQA

Early November

Letter sent to students with unpaid 2016 NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship fees

1 December

Late financial assistance applications for transferring students and late enrolments must be included in the 1 Dec data file

1 December

Late fee applied to all 2016 enrolments with unpaid fees

¹ Fee-Payer” is normally the parent or guardian of the candidate, and must be the person paying the NZQA fees.

² Family” is defined as parents, including sole parents or legal guardians, and their children living together.


Please refer any enquiries relating to your School Relationship Manager.

School Relationship Manager
School Quality Assurance and Liaison
Telephone: 04 463 3000
Fax: 04 463 3115

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