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Information for Scholarship Media Studies 2021
A2021/10 - 24 Mar 2021


Principal’s Nominee
Head of Media Studies
All Media Studies Teachers

Information for Scholarship Media Studies 2021 

NZQA has been offering assessments online for the past five years in English, Classical Studies and Media Studies, including at Level 3 since 2018. Students and teachers are beginning to ask when they will be able to undertake New Zealand Scholarship (Scholarship) examinations digitally, particularly in the subjects listed above.

NZQA will offer Scholarship Media Studies online in 2021. Media Studies has been selected for a live pilot because it requires relatively straightforward, extended written responses that lend themselves to being completed digitally. 
All students with entries in Media Studies will be able to choose to complete their examination/s online or on paper. Provision will be made for students from schools that do not currently offer online examinations, who wish to complete their examination digitally. 
A hard copy of the paper will be available for online students in case they wish to switch to paper during the examination, or in the event of any form of disruption to the network or the platform. 
See the updated assessment specifications for Media Studies.



Please refer any enquiries relating to this circular to your School Relationship Manager:

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