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Level 1 Digital Technologies External Achievement Standards
A2018/14 - 28 Jun 2018


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Teachers of Technology

Level 1 Digital Technologies External Achievement Standards

91070 and 91074 will be assessed for the last time in 2018

The process for assessing these standards will be the same as in previous years.

91886 and 91887 will be assessed for the first time in 2018

Technology teacher(s) will be aware from the Assessment specifications for these standards that they will be assessed using Common Assessment Tasks (CATs).
The CATs will provide students with resources to which they have to respond within a total time of three hours.
This style of assessment will provide students with more direction to help them understand the expectations of the new standards. As their work will be resource-based, authenticity will also be more easily verified.

Timeline for CAT Assessments for 91886 and 91887

23 July 2018 Teachers

NZQA will release the CATs to your school online for teachers to familiarise themselves with the requirements of the standard.

Schools should test the download of these assessments and email if there are any issues.

24 July – 10 September Teachers and Students

Teachers and students should use this time to familiarise themselves with the requirements of these standards, the resources exemplifying sample CATs and responses. These have been provided on NZQA’s Digital Technologies subject page.

10 September 9.00am – 31 October 10.30am Students

Students complete the CATs, following the conditions of assessment below.

17 October 9.00am –
31 October 5.00pm


Teachers will upload the Assessment responses to the online drive provided by NZQA between 17 October and 31 October.

Once a submission is made, further work cannot be uploaded.

Key points

  • Work uploaded will be marked online by NZQA markers.
  • The assessment of 91886 and 91887 will not be supported by a physical, paper-based submission process.
  • Schools offering these standards who have not previously submitted Technology reports online should contact at the start of Term 3.

Conditions of Assessment

  • The 91886 CAT requires the students to respond to a specific context from a choice of three. Students must write about the option they have chosen and can use information and examples from a context they have studied in class to support their response.
  • The 91887 CAT requires the students to respond to a specific context from a choice of two. Students must write about the option they have chosen and can use information and examples from a context they have studied in class to support their response.
  • Assessment of 91886 and 91887 must be conducted within a period of time totalling no more than three hours. Students undertaking only one of the two standards may have up to three hours to complete the CAT for that standard. The three hours of total assessment time can be made available over multiple class periods amounting to three hours or in a single three-hour time block.
  • The CAT(s) will be downloaded by teachers and provided to students electronically.
  • The assessment is closed book. No material may be brought into or accessed during the assessment.
  • Student responses must be:
    • typed by the students and produced digitally
    • produced in response to the assessment questions
    • produced without reference to any other resources in either hard copy or digital format
    • saved and submitted to NZQA in a .pdf format
    • completed without a requirement for a marker to follow links to information available on the internet.
  • Students who cannot type accurately or fast enough in the three-hour period allocated for this assessment task can either be provided with:
    • a printed version of the assessment task that the student completes by hand. The response should be scanned and submitted to NZQA; or
    • extra time at the rate of up to 10 minutes per hour, at the discretion of the school.

Credible Assessment Practices

  • Schools are responsible, through their policies and procedures, for authenticating student work. Each school is required to have procedures in place for ensuring the work of each student is the student’s own. The school will apply its authenticity and breaches policy for any incidents where the conditions of the assessment task are breached, or the authenticity of a student’s work may be compromised.
  • Schools should apply their missed and late assessment policy to determine whether students who are away on the day or days when the CAT(s) are being completed, can complete the assessment with the rest of the class, where possible.
  • Where it is not practicable to apply the missed and late assessment policy, and authenticity may be compromised, a derived grade should be applied for. The grade submitted must be derived from authentic standard-specific evidence gathered prior to sitting of the CAT(s) and have met the derived grade requirements of verification and justification.


The CATs must be kept secure and not shared with other schools, teachers or students outside your school until after 31 October 2018. Sharing will be considered to be a breach of NZQA’s assessment rules.


Please refer any enquiries relating to this circular to:

Sue Lynch
National Assessment Facilitator
Telephone: 04 463 4292

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