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Māori Performing Arts- Observation Request
A2019/02 - 26 Feb 2019


Principal's Nominee
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Māori Performing Arts- Observation Request

In the past, NZQA has attended several regional secondary school kapa haka competitions/events to observe student performance against 11 Māori Performance standards. If the organising committee in your region would like NZQA to attend a competition/event to observe student performance this year, send an email request from the hosting committee to Keri-Anne Stephens (Team Leader, Māori Qualifications Services) at at least one month prior to the event.

Observation – Post Event

Following the event, schools will receive a letter and observation form including the observers’ judgements.

For the Level 2 and 4 standards, the form can be used as evidence for the performance outcomes of the standards. Students are required, however, to complete the rangahau (research) outcome to achieve the standard.

To achieve the Level 3 standard (22756), evidence of rangahau is not required.

Consent to Assess

Schools must have consent to assess the Level 4 standards to award grades and credits at this level. At times, schools are given Excellence for the Level 2 and Level 3 standards, but they do not have consent to assess the Level 4 standards. The grades could indicate students might also be capable of meeting the performance outcome at Achieved (or higher) for the Level 4 standards. For further information regarding consent to assess, please speak to the Principal’s Nominee.


Where a school is required to submit material for moderation, the following should be provided:

  • Level 2 standards – assessor judgements, observation form, evidence of Outcome 1 (rangahau);
  • Level 3 standard – assessor judgements, observation form;
  • Level 4 standards - assessor judgements, observation form, evidence of Outcome 1 (rangahau).

Schools are reminded that credits for these standards contribute towards the NCEA.


Please refer any enquiries related to this circular to:

Anthony Karauria
Assessment and Moderation Facilitator
04 463 4318

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