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NCEA Level 1 Mathematics and Statistics 91027 (MCAT) and 91028 Follow-up
A2017/15 - 7 Aug 2017


Principal’s Nominee
All Teachers of Level 1 Mathematics and Statistics

NCEA Level 1 Mathematics and Statistics 91027 (MCAT) and 91028 Follow-up

Earlier this year a package of resources (ZIP, 3.1MB) was prepared to help clarify the intent and style of assessment of 91027 (MCAT).

In addition, a series of workshops was organised by NZAMT to give teachers in all regions an opportunity to discuss these resources. NZQA acknowledges the valuable work NZAMT has done in this, and we have received very positive comments from teachers who attended the workshops.

The published package of resources includes the PowerPoint presentation and all other resource materials that were used at the workshops for teachers who were unable to attend a workshop

Question format
The published assessment specifications for level 1 Mathematics and Statistics contain general and standard-specific comment about the format and nature of assessment questions that can be expected in the 2017 MCAT and external examinations. For 91028, there is a special note that a grid without axes may be provided as the answer space for some questions. This is described in the PowerPoint presentation, and examples of questions using this format can be seen in the package of resources (link given above).


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