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NCEA Level 1 Mathematics and Statistics 91027 Common Assessment Task in 2021
A2021/17 - 25 Jun 2021


Principal's Nominee
Head of Mathematics Department
All Mathematics Teachers
Data Manager

NCEA Level 1 Mathematics and Statistics 91027 Common Assessment Task in 2021

This circular provides information on: 

  • when schools must hold the Mathematics Common Assessment Task (MCAT)
  • the process for nominating the day schools will assess the MCAT
  • provision of assessment booklets by NZQA
  • MCAT Administrative Guidelines for Schools.

Nominate only one MCAT assessment session

Schools can only hold the assessment on a single nominated day. In 2021 this is either:

Tuesday 14 September
Thursday 16 September.

What schools need to do:

  • nominate the day you will hold the MCAT using the Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) Date Nominations section through the Key Indicators in your NZQA Schools’ Provider Login (secure website). This process was introduced in 2020.
  • complete the nomination before Sunday 1 August 2021.
  • submit a datafile with your MCAT entries by 1 August. We will supply the number of booklets you have requested based on this data file.
  • request booklets in Te Reo Māori by setting the translated flag on the candidate’s entry in your data file and submit it to us by 1 August.

Delivery of assessment booklets and security
Printed assessment booklets will be sent to schools by 8 September 2021. These will arrive in boxes addressed to the Principal’s Nominee and be marked “Private and Confidential”. Principal’s Nominees should advise office staff to expect the arrival of the booklets and ensure that they are stored securely.

Accessing a printable electronic version of the assessment booklet
Schools can print additional copies of the assessment booklet, if required. A password protected file will be available online through the NZQA Schools’ Provider Login the day before your nominated assessment day. Contact the Business Liaison Officer, Secondary Examinations on 0800 697 296 for the password. Access will only be provided for your nominated assessment day.

Ensure all your students sit the assessment on the same day. Password requests to access the assessment of an alternative day will only be provided under exceptional circumstances and schools will need to complete an Alternative assessment day request form (available from the NZQA Mathematics and Statistics subject resources page in Term 3).

Schools are reminded that:

  • if you have late entries, you should download and print extra copies of the assessment booklet
  • you can use an assessment booklet on its intended day only, this means you cannot use the other day’s assessment as revision materials or practice assessments
  • you must hold the MCAT for all your students on one day only, either 14 or 16 September
  • you must provide students with only one opportunity to sit the MCAT
  • if you do not inform NZQA of your nominated MCAT assessment day, or decide to change the day after 1 August, you will not receive printed assessment booklets and must download the booklet for the relevant day from the NZQA provider login and print your own copies
  • all students at your school must sit the MCAT on the same day. If a student cannot sit the MCAT on your nominated day, the school’s missed assessment policy applies. 

MCAT Administrative Guidelines for School

Schools must be familiar with the requirements in these guidelines to ensure the integrity of the assessment. These will be available in the Resources for externally assessed standards section of the NZQA Mathematics and Statistics subject resources page in Term 3.


Please refer any enquiries relating to this circular to your School Relationship Manager.

School Relationship Manager
School Quality Assurance and Liaison
Telephone: 04 463 3000

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