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New Zealand Scholarship Media Studies Examination 2017 changes
A2017/10 - 5 May 2017


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New Zealand Scholarship Media Studies Examination 2017 changes

The 2017 New Zealand Scholarship Media Studies Assessment Specifications notify the following changes:

  • Candidates will berequired to answer three questions;
  • Each question will require candidates to address a selected quotation/statement or discussion question in their analysis;
  • Each question will be marked on a scale of 0-8.

This change better aligns the content in the examination with the Learning Outcomes contained in the Teaching and Learning Guide referenced in Explanatory Note One:

  • This standard is derived from the Social Sciences learning area in The New Zealand Curriculum (Learning Media, Ministry of Education, 2007) up to and including Curriculum Level 8, and is related to the Media Studies Teaching and Learning Guide

Preparing candidates - Question Three example

To assist candidates to prepare for this examination, the examiner has written the following example of the type of statements for response likely to be examined within Question Three.

In preparing for the options within Question Three, teachers and candidates should refer to Learning Outcome 8.3 from the Teaching and Learning Guide. Question Three will be derived from these outcomes.

QUESTION THREE: Media Production 2017

With reference to ONE of the quotations or statements below, demonstrate a critical understanding of your media production experience.

(a) Good storytelling, is about telling a story well.
(b) Editing gives film [or other media] its meaning and its effect.
(c) There’s a power in withholding information [in media productions], revealing things gradually, letting the audience discover things.
(d) The media creator has a host of devices to construct a story.
(e) A successful media production starts with a clear pre-production design.
(f) At the heart of any media production is its appeal to a specific target audience.
(g) Creativity is the most important aspect of any media production.


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