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Notification of Computer Use by Students for the 2020 NCEA Examinations
A2019/17 - 22 Nov 2019


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Notification of Computer Use by Students for the 2020 NCEA Examinations

For the 2020 NCEA examinations, students who require the use of a computer will not need a Special Assessment Conditions (SAC) application to be submitted by the school for NZQA approval. For planning and logistical purposes, however, schools will need to notify NZQA of all students who will be using computers for the external NCEA examinations.

This notification is not required for students sitting a digital examination delivered online by NZQA. Wherever possible, students who require the use of a computer should be entered into digital examinations, as this will provide the optimal experience for students.

The notification process will only apply if a student wishes to use a computer (with small group separate accommodation) and no other SAC (e.g. reader, isolated separate accommodation, etc.). Students with multiple SAC requests will need to be processed through the normal SAC application process.

Consultation on change to current process for New Zealand Scholarship in 2020

A decision about extending access of computer use to all Scholarship candidates will be made after consultation in 2020.

In the meantime, students with a SAC entitlement to computer use may continue to use a computer for the New Zealand Scholarship examination in 2020.


Queries should be directed to the school’s School Relationship Manager or a member of the NZQA SAC Team on 0800697296 or at

School Relationship Manager
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