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Payment of NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship fees and applications for financial assistance for 2016
A2016/018 - 31 Aug 2016


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Payment of NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship fees and applications for financial assistance for 2016

Due date for school payment of 2016 fees to NZQA – 14 September 2016

NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship fees payments are due at NZQA by 14 September 2016. Receipts will be issued for all payments.

Fee allocations in the 1 September Data File

The school’s NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship fees payment to NZQA should reconcile with the total fees allocated to each student in your school’s 1 September data file submission.

Before submitting payment to NZQA, schools should use the Billing Report in the NZQA High Security login area to check that the amount owing for each candidate in the school’s records agrees with NZQA’s amount. If the records do not agree, the school may be required to submit an updated data file to NZQA to accurately reflect the fee paid by the student to the school.

Once the data file has been processed by NZQA, the billing report will reflect any corrected amounts and provide a calculation of the total amount to be paid by the school.

NB Please contact the NZQA Secondary Data Team at, if you have any questions regarding payment or allocation of fees.

Financial Assistance Applications in the 1 September Data File

Financial assistance applications must also be included in the 1 September data file submission. Once the file has been processed, check that all candidates who have applied for financial assistance are listed in the Key Indicator Checklist in your school login area of the NZQA website, and that all applications show as approved.

Refer to the Financial Assistance Handbook in the Financial Assistance section of the High Security login area to resolve any issues.

Submitting fee payments by 14 September 2016

A completed School Payment Form (PDF, 148KB) must accompany the school’s 14 September NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship fees payment. This form must indicate the total amount paid to NZQA, the school’s debtor code, school contact person, and the method of payment. This form can be sent by post, fax, or by email to

If making payment by direct credit, the school’s NZQA debtor number, MoE code and school name should be entered into the particulars, code and reference fields respectively. NZQA bank account details are available on the School Payment form.

For any queries regarding your school debtor number, please contact your School Relationship Manager.

What else to include

  • A copy of the school’s reconciliation of fees to students should be submitted along with the school payment form to NZQA. This information assists with the allocation of payments to individual candidates and helps to prevent any delays in processing. A softcopy of the reconciliation may be sent by email to the Secondary Data team:, or submitted as a hardcopy attachment with the school payment form.
  • Include fee payments for any leavers who paid their NCEA fees to the school before leaving.

What not to include

  • Do not submit any other remittances to NZQA with your school’s 2016 NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship fees payment.

Additional school payments to NZQA – after 14 September 2016

Any schools that continue to accept NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship fee payments from students after the 14 September payment has been sent to NZQA, must submit these additional payments together with a separate list of candidates paid for, and include this information in an updated data file to NZQA.

Candidate payment direct to NZQA – after school payment

After the school payment has been sent, NZQA will accept 2016 fees directly from candidates. Candidates can log in to the NZQA website and pay their 2016 fees online using the Learner Login, or they may make a manual payment. Please remind candidates the School Candidate Form – Payment of NZQA Fees (PDF, 161KB) must accompany any manual payments.

Late financial assistance applications

Late financial assistance applications can be made until 1 December 2016 for new or transferring candidates. The school must submit these students’ details in their data file submission.

Late fees and reminders

Any NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship payments made after 1 December 2016 will incur a late fee of $50.

NZQA will send a letter to all affected candidates by late October reminding them they have unpaid 2016 fees.


Please refer any enquiries relating to this circular to your School Relationship Manager.

School Relationship Manager
School Quality Assurance and Liaison
Telephone: 04 463 3000
Fax: 04 463 3115

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