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Revision of L1-3 Music Achievement Standards
A2016/006 - 04 Mar 2016


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Revision of L1-3 Music Achievement Standards

In 2015 the Ministry of Education revised some of the L1-3 achievement standards for Music.  The standards changed were:

Level Standard
1 91093 and 91094
2 91275, 91276 and 91277
3 91420, 91421, 91422 and 91423

The Ministry determined that standard 91422 (Analyse a substantial music work) will be assessed internally, and 91423 (Examine the influence of a context on a substantial music work) will be assessed externally.

The changes to the standards also resulted in changes to the explanatory notes, including the removal of some detailed lists of content.

The information in the detailed lists of content removed from the standards has been reformatted into two separate documents to clarify the parameters of the music conventions and aural skills expected in the external standards at each level. These documents are published on the Music page of the NZQA website, via the appropriate Assessment Specifications.

Please note that the changes to the standards have not changed the assessment outcomes, and existing examples of assessment resources for the current external standards remain valid.  A sample examination paper and assessment schedule for 91423 will be available on the NZQA website by the end of term 1, 2016.

Further information is available in the 2016 Assessment Specifications on the NZQA website.


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