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Te Ao Haka – New Zealand Curriculum Subject
A2022/17 - 10 Nov 2022


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Te Ao Haka – New Zealand Curriculum Subject 

Te Ao Haka is available to all kura and schools in 2023. 
Information and resources for Te Ao Haka can be found on the NCEA website
University Entrance
Te Ao Haka contributes toward university entrance.  Further information about university entrance can be found on the NZQA website
NZ Scholarship 
Te Ao Haka Scholarship will be offered from 2023. NZQA is currently developing the standard, external assessment, sample assessment and external assessment specifications.  Further information about scholarship will be published on the NZQA website later this year. 
Externally assessed standards 
External assessments may be through a common assessment activity (CAA) or submission (portfolio or performance).  Kura are required to administer the CAA including setting up a room, providing login details to ākonga, and ensuring ākonga login to the assessment within a set timeframe. 
Information regarding submissions will be available on the NZQA website in March 2023. 
The 2023 external assessment dates are in the table below. 


Assessment date 

Assessment method 

91978 (1.3) and 

91979 (1.4) 

June 13 or Sept 6 

Common assessment activity (CAA) or submission (portfolio). 



All submissions are due October 23. 

91982 (2.3) and 

91983 (2.4) 

June 14 or Sept 7 

91987 (3.4) 

June 15 or Sept 8 

91986 (3.3) and 


Due: October 23 

Submission (performance and/or portfolio) 

Information regarding external assessment specifications will be available on the NZQA website in January 2023. 
Internally assessed standards 
External moderation will occur for one standard at each level in 2023. 
If you intend to assess Te Ao Haka in 2023, please complete this form by 1 December 2022.  This will allow NZQA to select standards for moderation in 2023.

Kahui moderation 
Moderation for Te Ao Haka will be conducted in a kāhui (cluster) setting.  Kāhui are held three times throughout the year.  Kura are encouraged to upload and submit material for moderation immediately after assessment is completed. Material should be submitted ahead of the next kāhui so that NZQA receives the learner samples and assessor grades (via the external moderation application) at least one week prior to a kāhui. 
The 2023 moderation dates are in the table below. 



Kāhui 1 

May 26 - 28 

Kāhui 2 

August 11 - 13 

Kāhui 3 

November 24 - 26 

Assessor support 

NZQA intends to host a Te Ao Haka symposium in March 2023 for those kura assessing or wishing to learn more about Te Ao Haka.  NZQA will also host a series of workshops throughout 2023. 
If you would like to attend the symposium, please fill in the Expression of Interest form by November 25. 
Further information about the symposium and workshops will be published later this year on the NZQA website. 



Please refer any enquiries relating to this circular to:

Anthony Karauria 
Programme Lead 
Te Ao Haka 
Telephone: 04 463 4318 

Circulars are available from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority website (

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