December 2022
NZQA Hono-ā-īmēra (EmaiLink) mō ngā kura katoa #9 - 12 Dec 2022

Rārangi Take ki tēnei Hono-ā-īmēra (EmaiLink) pānui

Key Dates

  • Latest Circulars

Derived Grade Application Process

  • Securing application forms and restricting access to derived grade information

NCEA Results

  • Reporting 2022 internally assessed results amendments and additions
  • Change of postal address
  • New Zealand Record of Achievement (NZRoA)
  • Reconsideration application fees waived for students who meet income criteria
  • Early Release of NCEA Qualifications in 2023

NCEA Workshops

Te Ao Haka - New Zealand Curriculum Subject

Access to Pūtake, NZQA's Learning Management System

NZQA Website

Information for Staff

  • School Relationship Manager Vacancy
  • Contract Vacancies

Check accuracy of students' reported results.

Check the status of any internal entries that do not have results. If the student has had an adequate assessment opportunity, then a grade should be reported. If there has not been an assessment opportunity, then the entry should be withdrawn. Entries cannot be withdrawn after this file submission. The Candidate Entries and Results Report is useful for checking reported entries and results.

Check course names. These cannot be changed after this file submission.

Check whether unassigned standards should be attached to courses. Remember for course endorsement, results in standards assigned to courses must have been assessed this year.

For Year 13 and any other leavers, make sure to leave their NZQA enrolment active if you take them off your school roll. This ensures that their results and any external entries you want are retained and are visible in their NZQA Learner Login when results are published in January 2023.

Check that students who have been withdrawn during the year have valid results reported (if they are not being reported by another provider) and any active entries with no results are withdrawn.

Check any changes to student details such as address changes and name corrections to ensure correct information is printed on NCEA certificates.

Key Dates

5 Dec

Data file submission links close at midnight (entry and result file processing ends). No further 2022 data files can be uploaded to NZQA after 11:59pm.

Web Entries Schools' access closes.

Derived grade online applications close at 5pm.

Assessment specifications for 2023 external assessment published online.

8 Dec

Deadline for reporting the successful completion of a New Zealand Certificate to NZQA.

9 Dec

Deadline for finalising MCAT results.

12 Dec

Provider access to 'Late Internally Assessed Results' for 2022 opens.

20 Dec

TERMS 4 ENDS (no later than)

17 Jan

Release of 2022 NCEA results.

24 Jan

Students can access their assessed NCEA exam using their student login.

Principal's report and other statistics accessible via school's secure login.

30 Jan

Earliest Day to start TERM 1.

Latest Circulars


Change to the numeracy requirement for University Entrance for 2022 and 2023


2023 Assessment Specifications for New Zealand Scholarship and NCEA External Assessment


Information for Level 3 Accounting AS 92408 Assessment 2023


Changes to External Moderation

Derived Grade Application Process

NZQA may accept late applications after the online tool closes on 16 December for circumstances beyond the control of the candidate. The Principal's Nominee should contact their School Relationship Manager to discuss the reason for the late application and request a Late Application Form. Please note no application can be accepted after results have been released in January (in accordance with Assessment Rule 7.1.5 (h)).

Securing application forms and restricting access to derived grade information

The information contained in a candidate’s application is private and sensitive. Please ensure application material is kept secure. Amend the online security access of staff, as appropriate, using your Electronic Provisioning Authority (EPA).


NCEA Results

Reporting 2022 internally assessed results amendments and additions

You can amend or add 2022 internally assessed results from 12 December till 11.59 pm on 28 February 2023. Find instructions on how to do this in a Word document at the bottom of your Provider Login page.

Check the Key Indicators list to ensure that there are no results reported for which the school, or assessing provider, does not have consent to assess. Make sure you have used the correct external provider code or site code.

If you need to add a result for a standard for which you do not already have entries, please contact your NZQA Learner Records Advisor ( or your School Relationship Manager. Once your file has one entry for a standard, you will be able to report further results.

Change of postal address

NCEA Level 3 and NZ Scholarship Visual Arts students who have a permanent change of address after your final data file for 2022 need to contact NZQA on 0800 697 296 before 19 December to update their details to ensure portfolios are sent to the correct address. Assessed NCEA and NZ Scholarship responses will be available to students electronically through the NZQA website’s Student Login and not be posted back to students. See the NCEA Results section of our website for more information.

Remember that you will also need to make any address changes in your SMS before the first file submission in 2023.

New Zealand Record of Achievement (NZRoA)

The NZRoA for students will be updated with 2022 results when qualifications are released in January 2023. It is then available in electronic format, or can be ordered in hard copy, through the Student Login. Students are entitled to one hard copy free of charge, with further copies costing $15.30 each.

Reconsideration application fees waived for students who meet income criteria

NZQA will waive the fee for students who meet the income criteria and apply for a reconsideration of an NCEA or New Zealand Scholarship result.

The fee will be waived for students:

· whose parent or guardian (or a person with relevant care responsibilities) is receiving a Work and Income or Study Link benefit; or

· where the joint family income would entitle the family to receive a community services card (as set annually by the Ministry of Social Development).

These are the same entitlement criteria as used previously for financial assistance for NCEA fees.

Information to students will be included with results release and alongside assessed responses on the NZQA website, so you do not need to take any action. However, you may wish to use your own communication channels to also let students and their families know. Some students may seek your advice about how to apply in February after their papers are available.

Information about Reconsideration can be found here.

Early Release of NCEA Qualifications in 2023

Due to disruptions to assessment over recent years, NZQA will allow students to be awarded qualifications earlier in the year (i.e. outside the usual annual cycle) on application by their school. More information will be sent out next year.

NCEA Workshops

NZQA offers free workshops to help families better understand NCEA.

· NCEA me te Whānau workshops are offered outside school hours for whānau to learn about NCEA.

· NCEA A-Z workshops are offered during school hours to help Year 10 and 11 ākonga navigate to success.

You are now able to book workshops for Term 1 2023 via this link.

Te Ao Haka - New Zealand Curriculum Subject

Te Ao Haka is available to all kura and schools in 2023. If you intend to assess Te Ao Haka in 2023 please complete this form.

Kura/schools that have already piloted the standards are also required to register their intention to assess in 2023. Further detail is in circular A2022/17.

Access to Pūtake, NZQA’s Learning Management System

Make sure your teachers have access to Pūtake, NZQA’s Learning Management System. Pūtake contains over 150 free, online courses to increase teacher confidence in assessing NCEA. More information about accessing these standard specific online courses is available here.

Teachers who already have an Education Sector Logon (ESL), can be assigned access to Pūtake here.

NZQA Website

A new NZQA public website is coming. We are currently moving the existing content into a new layout to offer a more accessible, consistent, and modern user experience.

The first pages to go live were the international section while some of the Māori section has also been released, A new chatbot function, Awhina, is also now available to use on the website.

As the work continues in 2023, we expect to release more pages over time for sections such as NCEA Information & Services, and support for tertiary learners and providers.

In addition to the website work, in the first quarter of 2023 you will also see a new school portal being released which will offer tailored services for schools and provide a better user experience

Information For Staff

School Relationship Manager Vacancy

We will be looking for a School Relationship Manager to join our team in the new year. Look out for an advertisement in our Careers Centre this week.

Contract Vacancies

There are a number of NZQA Contract Vacancies currently available that your staff may be interested in. Please let your teachers know about these.

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