Examinations Late Entries Process for 2020
- 16 Sep 2020

Late entry process- Digital

Late entry process- Paper and Digital

Exam clashes and SAC late entry

Late entry process for Submitted Subjects

Datafiles with changes to external entries processed after midnight 13 September 2020 must follow the late entry processes detailed below. There are different processes for Digital vs. Paper Entries.

NZQA will provide non-personalised booklets directly to your Exam Centre Manager (ECM) for late entries submitted up to 6 November if buffer papers are not available.

If you have any questions about late entries, please email our logistics team:

For external entries processed before this date and time, NZQA will provide candidates with:

  • personalised exam booklets, and
  • an entry for digital exams (where applicable).

N.B. If you have Digital Entries, complete the Late Entry Process – Digital FIRST because Late Entries for Digital Exams require pre-approval before the datafile is submitted. For Late Entry Process – Paper and Digital see below.

As a backup, refer to the Late Entry Process Flowchart (DOCX, 93KB).

Late Entry Process- Digital

Requests for:

  • new digital entries and
  • changes from paper to digital format

are a late digital entry so follow the late entry process - digital. For a request to be considered your exam centre must be offering the session digitally already.

For any changes from digital to paper, submit a datafile and advise your ECM. These do not need pre-approval.

  1. Confirm that your exam centre has the following available for the exam session(s) with late entries:
  • other candidates already entered
  • enough trained digital supervisors
  • enough desk spaces / rooms
  • enough devices, if applicable
  • a technician available.

2. Check anything you are unsure about with your ECM

3. Complete the Late Digital Entry Request Form (XLSX, 40KB)

4. Send the form to On receipt of our approval email, complete the rest of the Late Entry Process – Paper to ensure your students also get a paper copy of their exam

5. If your request for late digital entries is declined, please ensure the students are submitted in the data file as paper entries.

Late Entry Process- Paper and Digital

For all late entries submitted from now until the end of exams 2020
  • Submit your data file with paper and/or NZQA approved digital entries, as soon as possible
  • Once your data file has processed, generate the Late Attendance Roll(s) and add any digital or SAC information applicable to the entries on the spreadsheet. 

Late Attendance Rolls

The Late Attendance Roll report (new for 2020) is available via Reports on the NZQA Schools’ Provider Login. This report enables you to generate Late Attendance Rolls with late entry data auto-filled, by exam session.

Agree with your ECM:

  • how they want to receive the rolls, i.e. via email or printed
  • the frequency you will provide the rolls
  • how you will manage updates – include date and/or a version number.

The Late Attendance Roll report also provides a means to monitor late entries processed by NZQA.

  • Provide the Late Attendance Roll(s) to your ECM
  • Re-print Admission Slips for all students with late entries and distribute to students
  • Check with late entry digital students that they have created an account with NZQA and have logged in to test it. Use the Candidate Login Report (new for 2020) via Reports on the NZQA Schools’ Provider Login.
For entries submitted after midday Friday 6 November, follow the steps above, and:
  • Check with your ECM if there are enough non-personalised booklets (buffer papers) for the late entered students, including late digital entries.
If there are insufficient exam booklets:

Before the exam starts:

> the exam PDF file will be sent to your nominated email address at least 30 minutes before the start of the exam

> you will receive a call, or text if you do not answer, on your mobile with the password to open the file.

  • Securely print as many exam papers as required. Include any applicable resources contained in the PDF file for the standard(s) required.
  • Liaise with your ECM and handover the printed booklets.
Emergency PDF Request:

If you have an unexpected situation where a PDF has not been requested in advance, and the exam is due to start or has already started, please phone 0800 222 230.

Additional Information

If your school is not an exam centre, liaise with the PN at your host exam centre urgently. You will need to submit the data file. The host exam centre will help manage the late entry process and will generate the Late Entry Attendance Roll once entries have processed.

If you have a request for a student to sit at another exam centre, follow the process detailed here.

Under no circumstances should exam booklets be moved between exam centres.

Exam clashes and SAC late entry

For all late entries, check if they have led to a change in SAC provisioning, change of exam centre or clashes, and manage appropriately.

Details can be found in the Key Indicators link through your Provider login at General Security Features/Key Indicators.

The process for managing clashes can be found here. The due date to resolve exam clashes by is Monday 19 October 2020.

Late entry process for Submitted Subjects

Detailed Information on the late entry processes for submitted subjects can be found via the following links:

Subject Submission instructions page reference
Dance- NZ Scholarship (PDF, 1MB) Page 2
Design and Visual Communication (PDF, 601KB) Page 3
Education for Sustainability- Level 3 (PDF, 1.1MB) Page 3
Health and Physical Education- NZ Scholarship (PDF, 1007KB) Page 3 (late submissions)
Scholarship Music Late submissions will not be accepted
Technology (PDF, 426KB) Page 3
Visual Arts (PDF, 1.5MB)

Details are under Section One: 7. Materials for late entries and 8. Late Submissions

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