Late Entries Process for 2021

For external entries submitted up to 5.00pm 10 September NZQA will provide candidates with:

  • personalised exam booklets, and
  • an entry for digital exams (where applicable).

The processes for managing late paper and late digital entries are the same. The flowchart on page 3 provides an overview.

If you have any questions about late entries, please email


For all late entries submitted after 10 September until the end of the exams:

Submit your data file containing late entries, including flags for digital entries, as soon as possible

Once your data file has been processed:

  • update any SAC provisioning
  • check for new clashes or changes of exam centre
  • generate the Late Attendance Roll(s)
  • add any digital or SAC information applicable to the entries to the roll for your Exam Centre Manager (ECM).

If you are making digital entries for the first time (i.e. you have no other digital sessions in your files before 10 September) email with session and standard details so that we can set up a login for your ECM to access the digital platform. The email subject should read “ECM login for digital exams required”.

Provide the Late Attendance Roll(s) to your ECM (see the box below).

Re-print Admission Slips for all students with late entries and distribute to students.

For late digital candidates, use the Candidates’ Last Login Report via Reports on NZQA’s Schools’ Provider Login to check that students have created an account with NZQA and have logged in to test it.

Late Attendance Rolls

The Late Attendance Roll report is available via Reports on the NZQA Schools’ Provider Login.

This report enables you to generate Late Attendance Rolls by exam session (with late entry data auto-filled), and this also provides a means to monitor late entries processed by NZQA.

 Agree with your ECM:

  • how they want to receive the rolls, i.e. via email or printed
  • the frequency with which you will provide the rolls
  • how you will manage updates – include date and/or a version number.

To avoid managing multiple rolls/versions only generate the late roll just before the exam session and provide to your ECM.

For late entries submitted by 5.00pm Wednesday 27 October, NZQA will send non-personalised booklets (buffer papers) directly to your ECM if buffer papers are available. In your data file submission please specify late entries are included so that we can prioritise processing.

Late digital entries: The pre-approval process for late digital entries is no longer required.

For all late entries (including changing flags to and from digital) you must:

  • upload your data files with late entries and updated flags as soon as possible (this is essential)
  • liaise with your ECM to ensure appropriate resources (rooms, technicians, exam booklets) are available.

For entries submitted after 5.00pm Wednesday 27 October in addition to the steps above:

Check with your ECM whether they have enough non-personalised booklets (buffer papers) for the late entered students, including late digital entries.

You will need to access the exam PDF and make copies for your candidates on the day of the exam if your ECM does not have enough buffer papers. We have put a new link on the high security page to simplify the process for you. This allows high security users to access the PDFs without the requirement to contact NZQA. We will provide detailed information on the process and access criteria in October. Keep a record of the exam session, standards and exam date to access the PDF on the day of the exam.

When printing PDFs use the booklet function with staples in the centre fold or print onto A3 paper, then fold to A4 booklet format and staple in the centre fold. Please avoid corner staples as these cause problems in the scanning and sorting processes. 

Additional Information

If your school is not an exam centre, liaise with the PN at your host exam centre urgently. You will need to submit the data file. The host exam centre will help manage the late entry process and will generate the Late Entry Attendance Roll once entries have been processed.


If you have a request for a student to sit at another exam centre, follow the process detailed here.

Under no circumstances can exam booklets be moved between exam centres.

The process for managing clashes can be found here.The due date to resolve exam clashes by is Monday 1 November. Details of 2-way and 3-way clashes can be found in the Key Indicators link through your Provider login at General Security Features/Key Indicators.


Detailed information on the late entry processes for submitted subjects can be found via the following links:


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