April 2016
- 26 Apr 2016

Forms and attestations due

Annual Return and Student Fee Protection audit opinions due 31 May 2016

Private training establishments (PTEs) with a financial year-end of 31 December 2015 need to have submitted the following documents to NZQA by 31 May 2016:


1)    There is a new version of the Annual Return Statutory Declaration form (SD01). The form is to be signed by the Chief Executive or Chair of the governing body.

2)   Independent Assurance Practitioner’s Review (IAPR) Report replaces NZQA’s customised Chartered Accountant Professional Attestation (CAPA).

Student Fee Protection attestation form due 14 June 2016

The quarterly attestation form for Student Fee Protection for the quarter ending 31 May 2016 is due to your trustee by 7 June 2016. The trustee attestation needs to be lodged with NZQA by 14 June 2016.

Download the form at: Quarterly student fee protection attestation.

Forwarding information and queries

Forward the above documents to: qaadmin@nzqa.govt.nz. For any queries about these requirements, contact Yvonne Collins, 04 463 3256, email: qaadmin@nzqa.govt.nz.

Sector Qualifications Register: Understanding users’ needs

NZQA has met with tertiary education organisations and agencies to discuss the proposed Sector Qualifications Register. The aim was to clearly understand the end-to-end process and what happens both in the sector and within agencies as:

  • a qualification is developed and listed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF)
  • a tertiary education organisations applies to deliver a programme leading to the qualification – or for consent to assess – and applies for funding
  • a learner enrols to complete the qualification and is subsequently awarded it, once the learning has been completed
  • qualification information and learning achieved are used to inform agencies’ requirements (e.g. Careers New Zealand, StudyLink, Immigration New Zealand).

Along with regular user-testing workshops, this work will help build a Sector Qualifications Register that will meet clients’ needs, now and in the future.

‘Universal’ Record of Achievement

Following feedback received, NZQA has developed prototypes of what a ‘Universal’ Record of Achievement could look like. Concepts are available at Designing the 'Universal' Record of Achievement. Suggestions and comments are welcomed using the Feedback survey.

NZQA will continue to record standards-based qualifications and awards using the database it maintains. To expand the breadth of learners’ records, the database will progressively start displaying all qualifications the learner has achieved at NZQF levels 1-10.

Results will progressively be recorded using data reported by tertiary education organisations to the Tertiary Education Commission and the Ministry of Education as it becomes available and can be validated.

The introduction in late 2017 of the new Sector Qualifications Register being built by NZQA will improve data validation and facilitate the recording of learning achieved. The register will be the single repository of information on quality-assured qualifications, programmes and components.

Work is being undertaken between agencies to integrate business processes so that information entered once can be used for different purposes. Improving the information at source will create a quality data sharing system for all stakeholders, from the education organisation to the learner.

Class 1 Driver Licence standards now available

The New Zealand Class 1 Driver Licence unit standards are available to learners enrolled in a school or registered tertiary education organisation which holds consent to assess for the ‘Driver Licence Class 1’ domain.

For information on the driver licence standards and the process for awarding and reporting credits, see Class 1 Driver Licence.

Improved NCEA Student App

The NCEA Student App has been improved so that multiple levels of NCEA study are visible and better supported. This means students can track their progress towards various NCEA levels over multiple calendar years.

See Newly improved student App better than ever for more information and downloading the app.

Consultations in progress

Several consultations are in train at the moment. Below is a list with links to the consultations and closing dates for submissions.


English language proficiency testing

NZQA would like to remind providers that they are responsible for ensuring that the students they enrol meet the requirements of Rule 18 of the NZQF Programme Approval and Accreditation Rules 2013 (‘the Rules').

The October 2015 amendment to this Rule limits the evidence of English language proficiency that providers can accept from students who:

  • hold visas from countries with a student visa decline rate of over 20 per cent, and
  • apply to Immigration New Zealand for their first student visa.

For those students, providers are no longer able to use internal English language proficiency testing or students’ prior study in English. These students must show evidence of a completed internationally recognised English language proficiency test at a level corresponding with the requirements of the Table in Appendix 2 of the Rules.

Maintaining PTE programme accreditation, training scheme approval and registration

A PTE’s registration automatically lapses if it does not deliver either an accredited programme or approved training scheme within a 12-month period (see section 234 of the Education Act 1989).

Likewise, a PTE will lose its accreditation to deliver a programme or its training scheme approval if the programme or training scheme is not delivered in a 12-month period (see sections 250B and 251C of the Education Act 1989).

To avoid this, a PTE can apply to NZQA before the 12-month period expires for an extension of time in which to commence/resume delivery of the programme or training scheme.

NZQA can extend the time for provision of the programme or training scheme if the PTE requests an extension within the relevant 12-month period.

Send your application for an extension to: approvals_accreditation@nzqa.govt.nz.

Advising NZQA of non-delivery

PTEs are asked to email qaadmin@nzqa.govt.nz to notify NZQA that they have not provided a given programme or approved training scheme for 12 months or more, in order for NZQA to keep its records up to date.

The Annual Return Statutory Declaration also requires PTEs to supply NZQA with a list of any programmes or training schemes that they have not provided in the last 12 months and do not intend to deliver in the next 12 months. Failure to declare this correctly could amount to a false declaration.  

Further information

If you have any queries, please email Approvals and Accreditation at: approvals_accreditation@nzqa.govt.nz.

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Compliance summary for April-June 2016

Student Fee Protection audit

To NZQA within five months of PTE’s financial year-end

For PTEs with a financial year-end of 31 December 2015, due 31 May 2016

Annual Return – Statutory Declaration

To NZQA within five months of PTE’s financial year-end

For PTEs with a financial year-end of 31 December 2015, due 31 May 2016

Annual Return –chartered accountant’s attestation

To NZQA within five months of PTE’s financial year-end

For PTEs with a financial year-end of 31 December 2015, due 31 May 2016

Independent Assurance Practitioner’s Review (IAPR) Report replaces NZQA’s customised Chartered Accountant Professional Attestation (CAPA)

SFP quarterly attestation – quarter ending 31 May 2016

14 June 2016 to NZQA

No longer required for standard trusts – only for static trusts or bank bond trusts

Compliance declaration

Submission of self-assessment material

Not an annual requirement; only required before external evaluation and review

Fit and Proper Person and Conflict of Interest declarations

With new applications for registration; also, for proposed new governing members* of registered PTEs

*See Section 232 of the Education Act 1989 for the definition of governing member

Must be completed by all new governing members before commencing in the role, and at any time when an existing governing member has a new conflict of interest or change in fit and proper status.

Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice attestation

The revised Code comes into force on 1 July 2016.

Under the revised Code, annual attestations need to be submitted by 1 December 2016.

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